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Rood - definition of rood by The Free Dictionary
A measure of land equal to 1 / 4 acre, or 40 square rods (0.10 hectare). ... c. German Rute rod, twig] rood. A unit of area equal to 1⁄4 acre (1210 yd2).

Land Measurements - Glover Family
Land Measurements. Understanding land ... and four poles equal one chain. ... 4 Roods -----acre: 3 standard miles ...

Convert rood to acre - Conversion of Measurement Units
Quickly convert rood into acres ... old unit of land area equal to roughly 1/4 acre ... 4840 square yards, or 160 square rods.

Rood | Define Rood at
Rood definition, a crucifix, ... a unit of land measure equal to 40 square rods or ¼ acre (0.10117 hectare). 5. a unit of 1 square rod (25.29 sq. m). 6.

Convert square rods (poles/perches) to acres | surface ...
How much of surface area from square rods (poles/perches) ... surface area units: From unit Symbol: Equals Result: To unit Symbol: 1 square rod (pole/perch) ...