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How diseases are deliberately spread by Australian authorities
... virus was a successful control agent and soon spread to many areas of Australia. By 1953 more than 90 per cent of the rabbits in Australia ... fleas to spread the ...

Introduced species - Wikipedia

Lomita Vet FAQ Rabbit
... Public Health & Rabies Control Program. The rabbits lived in the ... virus was deliberately introduced into Australia in an ... virus is spread by biting ...

Flea - Wikipedia

European rabbit | Department of Agriculture and Food
RHD has recently been introduced to Australia. This virus, ... control agent against rabbits in Australia in ... virus was deliberately released into ...

Rabbit - Wikipedia

Rabbit Control | NSW Department of Primary Industries
The success of rabbit control ... but also European and Spanish rabbit fleas that have been introduced to Australia. ... The virus may be introduced to rabbits ...

Viruses at University of Exeter - StudyBlue
have been culled to halt its spread. ... when was the myxoma virus deliberately introduced into Australia? ... A very small number of Rabbits were naturally .