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Bhopal Gas Attack (1984) -
Bhopal Gas Attack (1984) ... (India) Ltd. Dow Chemical Company purchased UCC in 2001. ... About 30 metric tons of methyl isocyanate (MIC) ...

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Bhopal Disaster - American University
TED Case Studies. Bhopal Disaster. CASE ... In 1969, Union Carbide (UCC-the parent company) set up a small plant ... about 40 tons of Methyl Isocyanate (MIC), ...

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Bhopal | The Daily Texan
... India. The disaster resulted in 8,000 deaths ... The leak released 27 tons of methyl isocyanate ... pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, leaked 27 tons of ...

Bhopal disaster - Wikipedia

The Bhopal disaster (commonly referred to as Bhopal gas tragedy) was a gas leak incident in India, considered one of the world's worst industrial catastrophes. [1]

The First Responder
Methyl Isocyanate: The Chemical and Its Uses ... , India; 51% was owned by Union Carbide Corporation and 49% by the Indian ... The plant director denies any leak.

Environmental disasters - Lenntech
Top 10 of natural and anthropogenic environmental disasters. Water ... metric tons of methyl isocyanate ... of private investors in India. The plant was ...