TriviaQA: A Large Scale Distantly Supervised Challenge Dataset for Reading Comprehension

The full dataset is coming soon. Here's a sneak peek! The evidence documents come from two domains -- Wikipedia and the web. Click on the "Evidence" button to see the document for each question.

qw_3199Miami Beach in Florida borders which ocean?AtlanticEvidenceEvidence
bt_1255What was the occupation of Lovely Rita according to the song by the BeatlesTraffic WardenEvidenceEvidence
qg_77Who was Poopdeck Pappys most famous son?PopeyeEvidenceEvidence
wh_1026The Nazi regime was Germany's Third Reich; which was the first Reich?HOLY ROMAN EMPIREEvidenceEvidence
bb_1342At which English racecourse did two horses collapse and die in the parade ring due to electrocution, in February 2011?NewburyEvidenceEvidence
wh_2759Which type of hat takes its name from an 1894 novel by George Du Maurier where the title character has the surname O'Ferrall ?TRILBYEvidenceEvidence
sfq_8522What was the Elephant Man's real name?Joseph MerrickEvidenceEvidence
dpql_3555Which number Beethoven symphony is known as ‘The Pastoral’?SIXTHEvidenceEvidence
sfq_15024Which man won a record 26 Academy Award 'Oscars'?Walt DisneyEvidenceEvidence
tb_2282In golf, a six under par score has never been, and is unlikely to ever be recorded, as it requires a hole in one on a par-seven hole. What is the 'mythical' term for such a hypothetical performance? (hint: think about the names of under par scores)PhoenixEvidence
qf_620Who taught Eliza Dolittle to be a lady ?Professor Henry HigginsEvidenceEvidence
qw_2310Which virus spread by fleas was deliberately introduced into Australia to control rabbits in 1951?MyxomatosisEvidenceEvidence
odql_7706Name either of the detectives created by Reginald Hill in novels such as 'A Pinch of Snuff' and 'Ruling Passions', who later featured in a popular TV series?DALZIEL & PASCOEEvidenceEvidence
dpql_1709What is the official march of the Royal Navy?Heart of OakEvidenceEvidence
tc_2128On which label did Chuck Berry record in the 1950s and 1960s?ChessEvidenceEvidence
wh_1934"Which British king, famous for his string of mistresses,said ""I do not believe God would damn a man for a little irregular pleasure"" ? He made pleasure-seeking an art form, &was keenly interested in theatre and horse-racing, and was the first monarch to have his own yacht."CHARLES IIEvidence
bb_15Who wrote The Railway Children?Edith NesbitEvidenceEvidence
bb_5147Technically a shoal of fish becomes a school of fish when it is?Swimming in the same directionEvidenceEvidence
qz_4911Who plays the role of Bubble in Absolutely Fabulous?Jane HorrocksEvidenceEvidence
sfq_5173On which island was the famous photograph taken showing US Marines raising the US flag over Mt Suribachi in February 1945?Iwo JimaEvidenceEvidence
qw_14413A mill in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, built in the 12th century, reconstructed in 1792, further restored in 2010 and currently in full working order is a early English example of a mill powered by what?TideEvidenceEvidence
qf_1346Moon River is an Oscar winning song from which movie?Breakfast At Tiffany'sEvidenceEvidence
odql_9955In the TV sit-com 'Red Dwarf', what was the name of the ship's sentient computer?'HOLLY'EvidenceEvidence
qw_1158Which film starring Steve McQueen featured a car chase through the streets of San Francisco?BullittEvidenceEvidence
qz_4576What was the first name of the character played by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.Tony (Manero).EvidenceEvidence
qb_3803Maria Dickin was the founder of which British animal charity in 1917?Peoples Dispensary for Sick AnimalsEvidenceEvidence
sfq_7643Which river flows from northern Moscow to the Caspian Sea?VolgaEvidenceEvidence
bb_3822What hero from Greek mythology was killed by a discus thrown by Apollo, who then named a flower after him, made from his spilled blood?HyacinthEvidenceEvidence
dpql_3475What is the historical subject matter of Arthur Miller’s 1953 play The Crucible?Salem Witch TrialsEvidence
sfq_22341What is the surname of the TV sibling characters Chris, Meg and Stewie (and pet Brian)?GRIFFINEvidenceEvidence
wh_847Caroline of Brunswick was the queen consort of which British King?GEORGE IVEvidenceEvidence
sfq_13456Which football league championship side plays home games at Keepmoat Stadium?DONCASTER ROVERSEvidenceEvidence
sfq_20420In which US state is Green Bay?WisconsinEvidenceEvidence
qb_9851What is the name of the perfume launched by British boyband JLS in January 2013?LoveEvidenceEvidence
qf_3745Who said sex is a bad thing it rumples the clothes?Jacqueline Kennedy OnassisEvidence
sfq_12385Jonas Salk developed a vaccine against what?PolioEvidenceEvidence
sfq_16656The site of Carthage is now in a suburb of which modem capital city?TunisEvidence
sfq_21466Which is the largest island in Canada?Baffin IslandEvidence
tb_885Which organization of the Catholic church whose name is Latin for 'Work of God' received world attention with the publication of The Da Vinci Code in which it is portrayed as participating in a sinister international conspiracy?Opus DeiEvidenceEvidence
jp_3864Who is said to have cut the Gordian Knot?Alexander the GreatEvidenceEvidence
bt_4365Who in verse sailed to the land where the bong tree growsThe owl and the pussycatEvidence
bt_1773On which river is Kings LynnThe Great OuseEvidenceEvidence
sfq_6704Which 1969 film, based on a stage musical, marked the directorial debut of Richard Attenborough?OH! WHAT A LOVELY WAREvidenceEvidence
sfq_25056Stylised as a lower case x, the album ‘Multiply’, which topped the UK charts for 8 weeks in 2014, is by which Brit award-winning singer-songwriter?Ed SheeranEvidenceEvidence
jp_1920"What beer is advertised by ""The World's Most Interesting Man""?"Dos EquisEvidence
qb_5298Which tennis player, born in 1946, was nicknamed ‘Nasty’?Ilie NastaseEvidence
bb_3171What commonly used English Latin expression means literally 'so' or 'thus' or 'in this manner', and generally refers to a quoted error?SicEvidenceEvidence
jp_1177What is the name for a person who tried to turn base metals into gold?AlchemistEvidence
qw_881Which US State ended prohibition in November 1948, a law that had been in place there for 68 years?KansasEvidenceEvidence
qb_7212In humans, microcephaly is having an abnormally small what?HeadEvidenceEvidence
bb_8857Who is the engineer with the big triangular hair-style in the Dilbert cartoons?AliceEvidenceEvidence
bt_1682Martin, Mandy and Mathew were flatmates in which comedy seriesGame OnEvidenceEvidence
qw_16426The Italian cheese called dolcelatte translates into English as what?Sweet milkEvidenceEvidence
dpql_4205Which is the most northerly county in the Republic?DonegalEvidenceEvidence
qg_3086On Monday, Samoa became the first nation in nearly 40 years to switch sides of the road. On what side do they now drive?LeftEvidenceEvidence
qz_4186Which British band named themselves after a South African football team?Kaiser ChiefsEvidence
qz_2397In Greek mythology, where do righteous souls go after death?Elysian FieldsEvidence
qb_3798Who played factory boss Danny Baldwin in the British television soap ‘Coronation Street’?Bradley WalshEvidenceEvidence
qg_2060Born on June 27, 1880, who was the deaf and blind author who wrote such works as The Story of my Life, The World I Live In, and the Socialist tract Out of the Dark?Helen KellerEvidenceEvidence
jp_338What group was led by Mullah Mohammad Omar?The TalibanEvidenceEvidence
qb_10209In the UK children’s television series ‘Button Moon’, on which planet does Mr Spoon and his family live?Junk PlanetEvidenceEvidence
qf_2680Which former Neighbours star links the films Memento and The Time Machine?Guy PearceEvidenceEvidence
bb_3775The old British slang to 'shop' someone, meaning to betray someone, or inform an authority of someone's wrong-doing, derives from 'shop' meaning?PrisonEvidence
bb_951In what Eastern European country did violence arise against Uzbeks during 2010?KyrgystanEvidenceEvidence
sfq_25944In which body of water are the Mascarene Islands?INDIAN OCEANEvidenceEvidence
jp_923What airline had two high-profile plane crashes in 2014?Malaysia AirlinesEvidenceEvidence
wh_1222Which French chemist, regarded as the father of modern chemistry, was guillotined in 1794?LAVOISIEREvidenceEvidence
qw_7600Which shipping passage was closed from 1967 to 1975?Suez CanalEvidence
tb_2225What American city has suffered two (separate) outcomes of what are now called 'The Move' and 'The Decision' in sports lore?ClevelandEvidence
odql_13755Which organisation was founded in 1863 after the publication of the book 'A Memory Of Solferino' by the Swiss businessman Henri Dunant?RED CROSSEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2318What is the title of the last Harry Potter novel, published in 2007?Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsEvidenceEvidence
sfq_13042Dmitri, Ivan and Alexei are the eponymous central characters of which 1880 novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky?The Brothers KaramazovEvidenceEvidence
qw_4372What is the next in this series: St. Devote, Massenet, Casino Square , Mirabeau, Loews ... ?PortierEvidenceEvidence
sfq_7873Wisent is an alternative name for which animal?(European) BisonEvidenceEvidence
odql_1002Between 1959 and 1967 which city was the capital of Pakistan (Islamabad was being built)?RAWALPINDIEvidenceEvidence
bb_7262What animal is Snowball in George Orwell's book Animal Farm?A pigEvidenceEvidence
sfq_26140In a 1934 novella which title character taught at Brookfield School?Mr ChipsEvidence
qw_257In which country did Juan Domingo Peron seize power in 1943, become president, and resign in 1955?ArgentinaEvidenceEvidence
bb_9374Fremantle prison, which was closed in 1991 and is now a heritage site, is in which country?AustraliaEvidenceEvidence
bb_8453Before the tradition of hanging stockings up at Christmas what did Dutch children hang by the fireside?ShoesEvidence
sfq_19711Where does the draw for the Euromillions lottery prize usually take place?ParisEvidenceEvidence
bb_5413Name the popular music identification app founded in 1999 whose paid-for version is sub-titled Encore?ShazamEvidence
bb_8833Who was the first professional cricketer to captain England?Len HuttonEvidenceEvidence
sfq_9630Which car manufacturer produces the Jimmy model?SUZUKIEvidence
sfq_19603What is the name of the charity for single parents founded in the 1970s which currently has J K Rowling as its President?GINGERBREADEvidenceEvidence
qw_8139In 1973 the Paris Peace Accords were held in an attempt to end which war?VietnamEvidenceEvidence
sfq_14862High Willhays is the highest point of what National Park?DARTMOOREvidenceEvidence
sfq_19717David Balfour and Alan Breck are characters in books by which author?ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSONEvidenceEvidence
odql_11810'Original Pirate Material' was the 2002 debut album of which UK act?'THE STREETS'EvidenceEvidence
wh_984The human brain is made up of between 10 billion and 100 billion nerve cells known as what?NEURONSEvidenceEvidence
odql_14838According to the rhyme which day’s child is ‘full of woe’?WednesdayEvidence
qw_12561What was the Olympics venue announced by Jacques Rogge as his last before he resigned as President of the IOC?Tokyo 2020Evidence
bt_1328What does a camel store in its humpFatEvidenceEvidence
sfq_7154Which foreign car manufacture has a rams head on its badge?DODGEEvidence
qw_15027"The US TV series ""Mad Men"" centres around what industry or profession?"AdvertisingEvidenceEvidence
odql_6763The Larkspur is also known as what?DELPHINIUMEvidenceEvidence
wh_1555"Published in 1883, who was the author of the children's book ""The Adventures of Pinocchio""?"Carlo COLLODIEvidenceEvidence
sfq_17705Which millionaire introduced a free school milk programme in Chicago to combat rickets?AL CAPONEEvidenceEvidence
tc_282Dave Gilmore and Roger Waters were in which rock group?Pink FloydEvidenceEvidence
dpql_3540Who resigned in October 1983 after a scandal over his ‘lovechild’?CECIL PARKINSONEvidence
dpql_1989Which title characters adventures took place on the Isle of Sodor?Thomas the Tank EngineEvidenceEvidence
sfq_4426What does a manometer measure?PressureEvidenceEvidence
qw_15314What was Sweeney Todd's occupation in Stephen Sondheim's work?BarberEvidenceEvidence
qb_6447Uncas is a principle character in which 1826 novel by James Fenimore Cooper?The Last of the Mohicans: A Narrative of 1757EvidenceEvidence
wh_1647In which book of the Old Testament does the destruction of the walls of Jericho occur?JOSHUAEvidenceEvidence
odql_5788Codlin and Short are Punch and Judy men in which novel by Charles Dickens?The Old Curiosity ShopEvidenceEvidence
qg_158What popular opera, penned by George Bizet, is a story about a female cigarette factory worker?CarmenEvidenceEvidence
sfq_5786'Travellers Joy' and 'Old Man's Beard' are alternative names for which plant?CLEMATISEvidenceEvidence
tc_719River Phoenix died during the making of which movie?Dark BloodEvidenceEvidence
bt_2079What sport is played by the Cincinnati BengalsAmerican footballEvidenceEvidence
sfq_18839Which sculptor's works include St Michael's Victory over the Devil at Coventry Cathedral and Jacob and the Angel?JACOB EPSTEINEvidence
odql_10067Who was the first Tory Prime Minister of Great Britain (May, 1762 to July, 1765)?3RD EARL OF BUTEEvidenceEvidence
sfq_19115Under what name is the American singer/songwriter Steveland Judkins better known?STEVIE WONDEREvidence
tc_2359Which writer and politician became Lord Tweedsmuir?John BuchanEvidenceEvidence
qg_2870According to the proverb, what is the better part of valor?DiscretionEvidence
qb_1253Which US gangster was released from Alcatraz prison in November 1939?Al CaponeEvidenceEvidence
qf_3390Named after a town in Lincolnshire, what is a more common name for bath metal?PinchbeckEvidence
qg_812What product demanded you “Obey your thirst”?SpriteEvidence
dpql_1632In which ‘business’ did John Davidson Rockefeller make his fortune?OILEvidenceEvidence
qb_4796Bearoff, Nullo Play and Quadrant are all terms used in which board game?BackgammonEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2319Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire, now in the hands of the National Trust, was the home of which pioneer of photography?William Fox TalbotEvidenceEvidence
odql_9627Which famous family lived at '50 Wimpole Street, London'?THE BARRETTSEvidenceEvidence
qw_9337Italian brothers Francesco and Edoardo Molinari play what sport?GolfEvidenceEvidence
qw_10812When was the current theme for the BBC television programme Top Gear first released on an album?1973EvidenceEvidence
sfq_23723Mark Bolland is the current Dutch born CEO of which retail chain?Marks & SpencerEvidenceEvidence
qf_2313Which city is the home of the Palais du Luxembourg?ParisEvidenceEvidence
sfq_17026Which word begining with V describes the type of image formed when light is reflected from a plane mirror?VIRTUALEvidenceEvidence
bb_4917American Callan Pinckney's eponymously named system became a best-selling (1980s-2000s) book/video franchise in what genre?FitnessEvidenceEvidence
odql_3651With a surface area of 56km2, which Scottish loch is, in terms of surface area, the second largest inland body of water in Great Britain?LOCH NESSEvidenceEvidence
odql_4978Kingsley Amis, John Gardner and Raymond Benson have written novels about which character, after the death of the original author?'JAMES BOND'EvidenceEvidence
qg_3080US President Harry S. Truman famously had a sign on his desk saying the what stops here?The buckEvidence
sfq_14229What sort of cross can be seen on a former flag of Hungary and the current flag of Slovakia?A TWO-BARRED CROSSEvidence
qb_9902Marble Arch in London was once the ceremonial entrance to which British palace?Buckingham PalaceEvidenceEvidence
qf_818English royalty who mourned her husband's death for 40 years?Queen Victoria and Prince AlbertEvidence
dpql_373Yarg and gevrik are cheeses from which county?CornwallEvidenceEvidence
qg_1785Which actor, who died in Los Angeles on Jue 11, 1979, holds the record as the actor with the most leading parts with 142, and has a marina named for him near the city of Sequim?John WayneEvidence
dpql_2831The collective noun for which British mammal is a 'cete'? [say “Seat”]BadgerEvidence
odql_14686In which country is the annual International Alphorn Festival held?SWITZERLANDEvidenceEvidence
sfq_26114Who composed the 1965 choral work Chichester Psalms?Leonard BernsteinEvidenceEvidence
sfq_14502Name the French artist (1839-1906) whose painting 'The Card Players' is one of the most expensive ever sold?Paul CézanneEvidence
qb_365Aconcagua is the highest mountain in which mountain range?AndesEvidenceEvidence
bt_4154"Which famous children's novel begins with the words ""The mole had been working very hard all morning, spring cleaning his little home"""The Wind in the WillowsEvidence
qg_1054A year ago today saw an explosion on what Gulf of Mexico oil drilling platform, operated by BP?Deepwater HorizonEvidenceEvidence
odql_14658238 AD is known in Roman history as the Year of the ........ (how many) Emperors?SIXEvidenceEvidence
bt_4438What was photographed for the first time in October 1959The dark side of the moonEvidence
qb_6323What is the extra murder weapon in the 1999 50th Anniversary Cluedo game?Bottle of poisonEvidence
wh_4109What do students at Oxford call their formal academic attire ?SUBFUSCEvidenceEvidence
dpql_6089The number ten raised to the power of one hundred is known by what name?GoogolEvidenceEvidence
odql_9217Traditionally with what were the seams of wooden ships caulked?OAKUMEvidence
bt_2178England and Surrey cricketing twins Alec and Eric had what surnameBedserEvidenceEvidence
qw_7439Which company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on 4 April 1975 to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for a new microcomputer, the Altair 8800?MicrosoftEvidenceEvidence
odql_12016Herb of Grace is the name given to which strong- smelling herb?RueEvidence
dpql_1491The cover of which of Pink Floyd’s LP covers features Battersea Power Station?ANIMALSEvidenceEvidence
qb_3652Who wrote the novel ‘The Eagle Has landed’?Jack HigginsEvidenceEvidence
wh_991Which microprocessor was introduced by Intel in 1993?PENTIUMEvidenceEvidence
qz_2884Which serial killer hanged himself in Wakefield Prison in January 2004, four years after being found guilty of 15 murders?Dr Harold ShipmanEvidenceEvidence
sfq_25218The oak furniture maker Robert Thompson included a carving of which animal on almost every piece he made from the 1920s until his death in 1955?A MOUSEEvidenceEvidence
qb_5371Who played Brad Pitt’s wife Theresa Mills in the film ‘Seven’?Gwyneth PaltrowEvidence
sfq_4779Which TV detective drove a car with the registration plate 248RPA?Inspector MorseEvidence
sfq_12368Highclere Castle in Hampshire is the filming location for which current ITV1 series?Downton AbbeyEvidenceEvidence
qw_7415In November 2010, Genoveva Aonma and sisters Bilguissa Simpor and Salimata Simpor of which national women's soccer team were accused by newspapers in Nigeria and Cameroon of being men, not women?Equatorial GuineaEvidenceEvidence
dpql_362What do 4 roods equal?An AcreEvidence
bt_4342Which female American actress, and singer had a hit in 1991 with From a DistanceBette MidlerEvidence
wh_4010"Which US City has the nickname ""Beantown"" ?"BOSTONEvidenceEvidence
bb_1614The most northerly point of mainland Europe is in which country?NorwayEvidenceEvidence
dpql_2039Which city is the destination of the yacht race which leaves Sydney every Boxing Day?HobartEvidenceEvidence
sfq_23524In which range of hills is the Cheddar Gorge?MendipsEvidenceEvidence
qw_14240"Which author famously upset her publisher by beginning a book with ""I am quite tired of making goody goody books about nice people""?"Beatrix PotterEvidence
qb_1179Who was the first poet to be buried at Poet’s Corner in London’s Westminster Abbey?Geoffrey ChaucerEvidenceEvidence
qw_1405What is the world's biggest car maker?ToyotaEvidence
sfq_7913What was invented in 1907 by Murray Spangler?Vacuum cleanerEvidenceEvidence
sfq_9920"In which 1932 movie did Greta Garbo say I want to be alone""?"Grand HotelEvidenceEvidence
odql_7325"In which film did Bacall say to Bogart, ""If you want me just whistle""?"'TO HAVE AND TO HAVE NOT'Evidence
sfq_1253What is the common name of the garden weed urtica dioica?NettleEvidenceEvidence
qw_4635With which sport is O J Simpson associated?American footballEvidenceEvidence
qg_3920What can be a legislative body, a collective name for type of bird, and a funk band?ParliamentEvidenceEvidence
sfq_22946Canal+ TV is based in which country?FranceEvidenceEvidence
bb_9261A pickerel is a young what?PikeEvidenceEvidence
sfq_13543The Hunter Valley is which country's oldest wine region?AustraliaEvidenceEvidence
bb_1549Which canal is known as the 'Highway to India'?Suez CanalEvidence
sfq_5599In which US state is New Haven?ConnecticutEvidenceEvidence
qw_3450In which country is Lake Como?ItalyEvidenceEvidence
odql_11788In which country were both the 'G8' and 'G20' summits held in June 2010?CANADAEvidenceEvidence
dpql_576Who presents the new BBC documentary Science Britannica?Professor Brian CoxEvidenceEvidence
qw_3670Who was Europe's captain in the 2008 Ryder Cup?Nick FaldoEvidenceEvidence
odql_9757What is the appropriate name of the largest type of 'frog'?GOLIATHEvidenceEvidence
qw_4266"Founded in London in 1766, what activity are ""Christie, Manson and Woods"" involved in?"AuctioneeringEvidence
bt_1361Which millionaire's daughter married Imran Khan in 1995Sir James GoldsmithEvidenceEvidence
bb_8929Whose second 'breadfruit voyage' as captain was on the ship HMS Providence, 1791-94?William BlighEvidenceEvidence
jp_1076What U.S. state is closest to Africa (geographically)?MaineEvidenceEvidence
jp_2233A drupe is a type of what?FruitEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2414To whom did the risen Jesus say 'Touch me not'?Mary MagdeleneEvidenceEvidence
qz_3878If you heard the catchphrase "They're great" what would expect to be advertised?FrostiesEvidenceEvidence
qb_10302The 1992 film ‘Wayne’s World’ was a spin-off of a sketch from which US television show?Saturday Night LiveEvidenceEvidence
sfq_26192Who was the main female singer with the groups Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship?Grace SlickEvidenceEvidence
qf_3416What is the nickname of the New Zealand women's cricket team?The White FernsEvidenceEvidence
qw_4687On 15 February 1990 the United Kingdom restored diplomatic relations after 8 years, with which country?ArgentinaEvidenceEvidence
qw_11507"Which American country singer, the younger sister of singer Loretta Lynn, had 18 #1 country hits during the 1970s and 1980s, and is best known for a series of country-pop crossover hits including ""Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue""?"Crystal GayleEvidenceEvidence
sfq_17004What separates East and West Malaysia?South China SeaEvidenceEvidence
odql_1646Who is the United Nations and Arab League envoy to Syria?KOFI ANNANEvidenceEvidence
sfq_13527The currency of Venezuela is named after which revolutionary?Simon BolivarEvidenceEvidence
odql_272For what did the 'T' stand in the name of 'Captain James T. Kirk' in 'Star Trek'?'TIBERIUS'EvidenceEvidence
odql_8893Who was the only judge on 'X Factor' to return for series eight in 2011?LOUIS WALSHEvidenceEvidence
qg_50Eddie, Lou, and Clancy are the face of law and order on what long running tv show?The SimpsonsEvidence
sfq_12070Which island off Cape Cod was once the site of the world's biggest whaling port?NANTUCKETEvidenceEvidence
odql_1187In the bible, who was the husband of Jezebel?King AhabEvidenceEvidence
wh_860What was the name of the British teacher jailed in Sudan in 2007 for allowing a teddy bear to be called Mohammed?GILLIAN GIBBONSEvidence
qw_16389Which city is sited on the Absheron Peninsula which juts into the Caspian Sea?Baku, AzerbaijanEvidenceEvidence
sfq_7739Fleurie, Morgon and Brouilly are wines from which French wine region?BEAUJOLAISEvidenceEvidence
sfq_14813In the Sherlock Holmes book 'The Sign of Four', what is the 7% solution?CocaineEvidenceEvidence
bt_1545The Arsacid Dynasty ruled which country from 250 B.C. until 224 A.D.PersiaEvidenceEvidence
odql_6312In which film does Dustin Hoffman play Enrico Salvatore (Ratso) Rizzo?MIDNIGHT COWBOYEvidenceEvidence
qw_13734Cable News Network (CNN), the first channel to provide 24-hour television news coverage, was founded by Ted Turner in what year?1980EvidenceEvidence
odql_13554The white wine, Chablis, originates from which wine producing region of France?BurgundyEvidenceEvidence
odql_14979A duodecennial event occurs every how many years?TwelveEvidence
qb_1438The Oroville Dam is in which US state?CaliforniaEvidenceEvidence
dpql_3154Which play is featured in the film The Producers?Springtime for HitlerEvidenceEvidence
sfq_9980Which country scored the first goal in the 2010 World Cup tournament?South AfricaEvidenceEvidence
qw_2648What was the name of the Flintstones' pet?DinoEvidenceEvidence
sfq_24964In which UK County is Lydd Airport?KENTEvidenceEvidence
qb_8277In February 1987, which UK airline was privatised and listed on the London Stock Exchange?British AirwaysEvidenceEvidence
qf_423Where did comic book character 'Desperate Dan' live?CactusvilleEvidenceEvidence
sfq_4682"Musically speaking, what do the words ""a cappella"" signify?"Without musical accompanimentEvidenceEvidence
sfq_9746Who was Pope during World War Two?Pius XIIEvidenceEvidence
odql_11795Caroline of Brunswick was the queen of which British king?GEORGE IVEvidenceEvidence
wh_3288Who wrote the short story on which the much admired film The Shaw - shank Redemption was based ?STEPHEN KINGEvidenceEvidence
qg_3182Next Sunday, Sept 19, is International what day?Talk Like A Pirate DayEvidence
odql_3603If you order 'Gambas' in a Spanish restaurant what will you get?PRAWNSEvidenceEvidence
odql_1641What name is given to the open carts used during the French Revolution to transport the condemned to the guillotine?TUMBRELSEvidenceEvidence
qz_3745Which snooker player was simply known as 'The Grinder'?Cliff ThorburnEvidenceEvidence
qw_15697Who of these musicians was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014?Cat StevensEvidence
bb_8072Which US lead singer's real name is William Baily?Axl RoseEvidence
odql_13017What is the common name for the species of large cattle, Bos primigenius, once prevalent in Europe, that was hunted to extinction in 1627?AUROCHSEvidenceEvidence
qg_1462What is the deepest male singing voice?BassEvidenceEvidence
wh_658What is the correct title of the 1967 hit by Keith West that is often called Grocer Jack?EXCERPT FROM A TEENAGE OPERAEvidenceEvidence
dpql_5545“Dreams from my father, a story of race and heritance” is about which politician?Barack ObamaEvidenceEvidence
jp_1386Who is also known as Jove?JupiterEvidenceEvidence
sfq_3201"From which musical does the song ""If I Ruled The World"" come from?"PICKWICKEvidenceEvidence
sfq_23518According to the rules of golf, what is the maximum number of golf clubs that a player is permitted to carry in his bag?14EvidenceEvidence
odql_6788Which country's national railway has bought out 'English, Welsh and Scottish Railways' and is negotiating to buy the government's one third share in Eurostar?GERMANYEvidenceEvidence
qw_11340In which sport is it forbidden for anyone to play left handed?PoloEvidence
qw_6561What part of the world has been ruled by Aelle, Ceawlin, Ethelberht, Rdwald, Edwin, Oswald, Oswy, Wulfhere, Ethelred, Ethelbald, Offa, Cnwulf and Egbert?EnglandEvidenceEvidence
odql_12841"Which singer recently made a surprise return to the top of the UK charts after 29 years, with his album ""50""?"(Rick) AstleyEvidence
qw_12886Saint Therese is associated with which town?LisieuxEvidenceEvidence
dpql_2091Had war not intervened, which city would have hosted the 1916 Olympics?BerlinEvidenceEvidence
qz_4910In which sitcom did Penelope Wilton play the wife of Richard Briers?Ever Decreasing CirclesEvidenceEvidence
qf_1615What criminal offence took place in Cheddington, Buckinghamshire in August (8th) 1963?The Great Train RobberyEvidenceEvidence
sfq_8171Which controversial movement was founded in 1928 by the Spaniard Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer y Albas?Opus DeiEvidenceEvidence
odql_9397"In which play by William Shakespeare does the quote ""All that glisters is not gold"" appear?"'MERCHANT OF VENICE'EvidenceEvidence
sfq_21205Which US state is nicknamed The Equality State?WYOMINGEvidenceEvidence
dpql_1416Whose is the first tale in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales?The KnightEvidenceEvidence
jp_2776What type of whale was Moby Dick?Sperm WhaleEvidenceEvidence
qw_11763What is a Jacob's Ladder?ToyEvidence
qw_3601"What type of clothing is a ""sou-wester""?"HatEvidenceEvidence
sfq_14806In 1956, which peninsula was the first part of Britain to be designated an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'?GowerEvidence
wh_3810Some Americans claim to have seen a Sasquatch; by what name is it better known ?BIGFOOTEvidenceEvidence
dpql_590Which entertainer had a gospel minister character called Brother Lee Love?Kenny EverettEvidence
sfq_7712Where in the human body might you develop Meibomian cysts?THE EYELIDEvidence
tc_2295In which city was John Lennon murdered?New YorkEvidenceEvidence
odql_982Who was Prime Minister of China from 1949 to 1976?CHOU EN LAIEvidenceEvidence
qz_2090Wayne Rooney signed for Manchester United from which other Premiership Club?EvertonEvidenceEvidence
dpql_2379Who wrote the collection of Gothic horror stories entitled In A Glass Darkly in 1872?Joseph Sheridan Le FanuEvidenceEvidence
tc_1321Which sports event was first held at Worcester, Massachusetts in 1927?Ryder CupEvidenceEvidence
odql_2681In which Irish county is the castle that contains the famous 'Blarney Stone'?COUNTY CORKEvidenceEvidence
qw_9247What is traditionally written in a ledger?AccountsEvidence
qz_1797Which famous book features the character of Bob Cratchit?A Christmas CarolEvidenceEvidence
sfq_11200Gary Busey played which pop star in a 1978 film?Buddy HollyEvidenceEvidence
qw_7924"The ""Three Laws of Motion"" are named after which scientist who published them in 1687?"Isaac NewtonEvidenceEvidence
qb_9153The badge/logo of which car is a circle with a three-pointed star in the centre?Mercedes-BenzEvidence
qw_6084"A novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, first published in ""All-Story Magazine"" in October 1912, was ""Tarzan of the ... "" what?"ApesEvidenceEvidence
bb_7939What is the colour of the bull of an archery target?GOLDEvidence
tc_2914How many chambers has the heart?FourEvidenceEvidence
qw_8793The mountain massif called Maxwell Montes contains the highest point on the surface of which planet?VenusEvidenceEvidence
sfq_8498What special name is given to Tibetan monks?LamasEvidenceEvidence
sfq_3898In the book David Copperfield what was Mr Micawber's first name?WILKINSEvidenceEvidence
qb_9599In which 1956 film did actress Gina Lollobrigida make her debut in American films?TrapezeEvidenceEvidence
qb_2764The Cuatro Torres Business Area is in which European city?MadridEvidenceEvidence
sfq_3900"From which musical does the song ""Till There Was You"" come from?"THE MUSIC MANEvidenceEvidence
sfq_18325Who is the lead singer of the Sheffield band the Arctic Monkeys?ALEX TURNEREvidenceEvidence
qw_11123Michael Phelps who during the Summer Olympics 2012 brought his swimming medal total to a record 18 golds represents which country?USAEvidenceEvidence
wh_1262Which castle near Deal in Kent has served, since 1708, as the official residence of the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports?WALMER CASTLEEvidenceEvidence
jp_3497What U.S. state has the most coastline?AlaskaEvidenceEvidence
odql_13345In 'Coronation Street', what was the name of the character played by Roy Hudd?'ARCHIE SHUTTLEWORTH'EvidenceEvidence
bb_7851In which year did Foinavon win the Grand National?1967EvidenceEvidence
qw_12620On the buttons of a VCR or DVD player, what does the sign in the shape of a double right pointing arrow mean?Fast forwardEvidence
bt_1383Which double glazing firm used a feather in their advertising commercialsEverestEvidence
sfq_15154In which Bond film does the villain's car turn into a small aeroplane to enable him to escape?The Man With the Golden GunEvidence
bb_8448Who was said to have presented the baby Jesus with Frankincense?BalthazarEvidence
qw_169What organisation was formed in 1670 when King Charles II of England granted a charter to Prince Rupert and others to give them large tracts of land and the trading rights over a large area?Hudson's Bay CompanyEvidenceEvidence
qw_9352Which tree, native to Western Australia, has flowers that are used to make honey, and long, straight trunks which provide a deep rich reddish-brown, termite-resistant wood with an attractive grain?JarrahEvidenceEvidence
sfq_25375Of what does the usual base of a Florentine biscuit consist?CHOCOLATEEvidenceEvidence
bb_3143'The Immortal Game' between a Frenchman and a German in 1851 at Simpsons in London's Strand was contested in what discipline?ChessEvidenceEvidence
sfq_24876"Who sang the theme tune to the James Bond film ""Die Another Day""?"MadonnaEvidenceEvidence
jp_1331What painter is sometimes confused with Claude Monet because their last names differ by just a single letter?Édouard ManetEvidenceEvidence
sfq_8783Which Mexican revolutionary was born Doroteo Arango in 1878?PANCHO VILLAEvidenceEvidence
tc_1945Which of the founders of United Artists had the last name nearest the beginning of the alphabet?ChaplinEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2666'Sunrise, Sunset' and 'Tradition' are songs from which musical?Fiddler on the RoofEvidenceEvidence
jp_2838What did Cinderella's carriage turn into after midnight?a PumpkinEvidenceEvidence
qf_2121The male lead roll was played by whom in the 2001 film Moulin Rouge?Ewan McGregorEvidenceEvidence
odql_4053What is the name of the Police Chief in 'The Simpsons'?CHIEF Clancy WIGGUMEvidenceEvidence
wh_432What items would be collected by a horologist?CLOCKSEvidenceEvidence
qb_8500What is the first name of Nurse Ratched in the 1975 film ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’?MildredEvidence
sfq_2229Who opened the first stretch of motorway in 1959?Ernest MarplesEvidence
tb_1985Every simply connected, closed 3-manifold is homeomorphic to the 3-sphere. Stated above is what mathematical problem named for a Frenchman that defied experts for a century before it was solved by Grigori Perelman in 2006?Poincaré conjectureEvidenceEvidence
jp_1236What type of tower is the Muslim version of a steeple?a MinaretEvidenceEvidence
odql_3731Who created the cartoon character Hagar the Horrible?Dik BrowneEvidenceEvidence
qg_3005On what country did the U.S. declare war on May 11, 1846?MexicoEvidence
sfq_19296Snakes are the symbol of which saint?St PatrickEvidenceEvidence
bb_7193What is the common word for the monosaccharide substance found in certain fruit, flower nectar and honey, with the chemical formula C6H12O6?FructoseEvidenceEvidence
sfq_625In which U.S. State is the University of Harvard to be found?MASSACHUSSETSEvidenceEvidence
sfq_15005Who was on the English throne when Jack Cade led the Men of Kent in a short lived revolt?HENRY THE SIXTHEvidenceEvidence
qf_3075At which film festival could you be awarded the 'Palm d'Or'?CannesEvidence
qw_8193What name is given to describes the phenomenon of the gradual mixing of two different substances which are in contact?DiffusionEvidence
qg_3948What is the name of the train station that services Amtrak and Sound Transit's Sounder commuter train for the city of Seattle?King Street StationEvidenceEvidence
sfq_25968Shirley Temple served as US Ambassador to which African country from 1974 – 1976?GHANAEvidenceEvidence
sfq_8710Zamalek is a top football club from which African country?EGYPTEvidenceEvidence
bt_3162Which British submarine sank the General Belgrano in the Falklands WarHMS ConquerorEvidenceEvidence
qw_14348One of the largest countries in Africa derived its food wealth for thousands of years from the regular flooding of which river?NileEvidenceEvidence
sfq_9070What is the more common name for the disease variola?SmallpoxEvidenceEvidence
tb_1517What is the subject of the best-known works of writers Theodor Mommsen and Edward Gibbon?Roman historyEvidenceEvidence
sfq_3627Who was the former wife of war hero Leonard Cheshire who founded, in 1953, a charitable organisation with the emphasis on care homes and hospices?Sue RyderEvidenceEvidence
qw_13616The oldest still operating national parliament in Europe governs which country?IcelandEvidenceEvidence
tc_2736What kind of an organism is a truffle?FungusEvidenceEvidence
sfq_9816What was depicted on the reverse side of a pre-decimal halfpenny?SHIPEvidenceEvidence
qf_3128Who played 'Peter Pan' in Spielberg's 'Hook'?Robin WilliamsEvidenceEvidence
qw_8853Which English town is known for its collection of concrete cows?Milton KeynesEvidenceEvidence
sfq_23929What type of creature is a fennec?FoxEvidenceEvidence
odql_12444What is the first word at the top of the front cover of a UK passport?EUROPEANEvidence
sfq_10673What 1859 historical novel contains chapters called 'Knitting', 'Still Knitting' and 'The Knitting Done'?A TALE OF TWO CITIESEvidenceEvidence
jp_745Lucrezia, Cesare, and Rodrigo were part of what papal family?BorgiaEvidenceEvidence
jp_3234What is the only country to share a land border with Denmark?GermanyEvidenceEvidence
qb_2647What is the title of the 1944 film starring Barbara Stanwyck as the wife who seduces an insurance salesman into killing her husband?Double IndemnityEvidenceEvidence
qb_7965Who played Saffron Monsoon in the UK television comedy series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’?Julia SawalhaEvidenceEvidence
odql_10221Which is last book of the Old Testament?MalachiEvidenceEvidence
odql_14689Which character is known as Ursinho Puff in Portugal and Vinni Pukh in Russia?WINNIE THE POOHEvidenceEvidence
sfq_8028Who was the only fictional character to feature in Time Magazine's 100 most important people of the 20th Century?BART SIMPSONEvidence
qw_14470Who was crowned MotoGP World Champion after he finished third in the Malaysian Grand Prix on 10 October 2010?Jorge LorenzoEvidenceEvidence
wh_542In which decade did the following all occur in Britain - the first electric pylons (erected by South Wales Power Co), the first dogems (in Skegness) and the first pedestrian crossing (in Parliament Sqaure, London)?1920sEvidenceEvidence
qz_6806In the 'Jungle Book' what type of creature was 'Bagheera'?PantherEvidenceEvidence
qb_3887Who discovered the electrical nature of lightning through his famous kite experiment in 1750?Benjamin FranklinEvidenceEvidence
qz_2135Name the game show, presented by Leslie Grantham and Melinda Messenger, where contestants were set physical and mental challenges?Fort BoyardEvidenceEvidence
wh_3081Three Men in a Boat was a famous novel of 1889 by which famous author?JEROME K JEROMEEvidenceEvidence
sfq_15421Haiti and the Dominican Republic share which island?HISPANIOLAEvidenceEvidence
sfq_22096In which children?s cartoon series have you 'gotta catch em all'?POKEMONEvidenceEvidence
sfq_19142Whose portrait (other than the Queen) is depicted on the current £20 note?Adam SmithEvidence
qw_8715What Scottish city is at the confluence of the rivers Dee and Don?AberdeenEvidenceEvidence
bb_403What number has the square root (to the nearest four decimal places) of 1.4142? 1; 2; 3; or 4?2EvidenceEvidence
sfq_20830Which top National Hunt trainer's establishment is based at Seven Barrows?NICKY HENDERSONEvidence
sfq_23587Excluding the star balls, how many balls are used in the Euro Millions Lottery?FIFTYEvidence
qb_4776American singer Katheryn Hudson is better known by what name?Katy PerryEvidence
jp_1898Apple, Microsoft, and Intel are listed on which stock exchange?NASDAQEvidenceEvidence
qw_4035Which English electronic dance music duo was made up of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe?Pet Shop BoysEvidenceEvidence
qb_1683Which member of the British royal family married on the 29th April 2011?Prince WilliamEvidence
sfq_23907In the 1950s which tennis player entered the Wimbledon Ladies Singles three times winning oh each occasion?Maureen ConnollyEvidenceEvidence
qw_13673According to Greek legend, who was the muse of Music?EuterpeEvidenceEvidence
qw_14800"One of Australia's oldest and most important industrial disputes and the subject of Henry Lawson's poem ""Freedom on the Wallaby"", in 1891 brought central Queensland to the brink of civil war. What group of people was involved?"ShearersEvidenceEvidence
tb_500The Dodecanese Campaign of WWII that was an attempt by the Allied forces to capture islands in the Aegean Sea was the inspiration for which acclaimed 1961 commando film?The Guns of NavaroneEvidenceEvidence
wh_2809Which Spanish soup containing onions, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers and traditionally thickened with stale breadcrumbs is always served cold ?GAZPACHOEvidenceEvidence
dpql_5058In the Sherlock Holmes stories who was Moriarty’s second in command?Sebastian MoranEvidenceEvidence
qw_777"What is the longest running emergency medical drama series in the world, and the second-longest-running medical drama in the world behind America's ""General Hospital""?"CasualtyEvidence
odql_416What is the capital city of Croatia?ZAGREBEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2500The Vinson Massif is the highest mountain of which continent?AntarcticaEvidenceEvidence
qw_3465Gordon Ramsay's first foray in TV was in which 1998 fly-on-the-kitchen-wall documentary?Boiling PointEvidenceEvidence
bb_5904Tom Parker, who famously managed Elvis Presley, was known by the title of, and as 'the..'?ColonelEvidenceEvidence
bb_956Name Microsoft's hands-free gaming system launched in June 2010, a made-up word alluding to joining?KinectEvidenceEvidence
odql_10964What sort of game would you be playing if you played 'Spoil five'?CARDSEvidenceEvidence
qg_3942Used primarily to talk to the dead (and the scare the snot out of younger siblings), what is the name of the Parker Brothers game that consists of a flat board marked with letters, numbers, and other symbols, and a wooden disc known as a planchette?Ouija BoardEvidenceEvidence
odql_6179What type of plant is a 'Silver Slipper'?AZALEAEvidence
tc_1730In which events did Gert Fredriksson win six Olympic gold medals?CanoeingEvidence
sfq_4432Who was known as Dr Angelicus?Thomas AquinasEvidenceEvidence
odql_12890Dame Judi Dench and which other actress played the Widdington sisters in the 2004 film Ladies in Lavender?Maggie SmithEvidenceEvidence
odql_8774This quiz is printed on A4 paper which has a length of 297mm. How wide, in millimetres, is A4 paper?210EvidenceEvidence
bb_196A sequence of numbers beginning 0, 1, in which each number is the sum of the previous two numbers is named after what Italian mathematician who devised the system?FibonacciEvidenceEvidence
qb_8250The Royal Shakespeare Company is based in which British town?Stratford-upon-AvonEvidenceEvidence
qb_5157Who created the Star Wars series of films?George LucasEvidenceEvidence
sfq_11232The opera Carmen was first performed in which decade?1870'sEvidenceEvidence
qg_884According to the song's lyrics, what did Yankee Doodle stick in his hat (and call macaroni)?a featherEvidenceEvidence
odql_5476Which pop star had the real name of Ernest Evans?'CHUBBY CHECKER'Evidence
bb_6993A warm sunny period in Autumn (Fall) in the northern hemisphere is called an?Indian SummerEvidence
qw_7457"The song ""Love is All Around"" by Wet Wet Wet featured on the soundtrack for which 1994 film?"Four Weddings and a FuneralEvidenceEvidence
sfq_16363Which Scotsman became the first European to reach the River Niger in 1796?Mungo ParkEvidenceEvidence
qb_9584What is the name of the Lord played by Rik Mayall in the UK television series ‘Blackadder Goes Forth’?Lord FlashheartEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2550"Who said in 1935 ""The Pope: how many divisions has he got?"""Joseph StalinEvidence
sfq_13812Made in Cornwall, Yarg cheese is wrapped in what?NETTLESEvidence
jp_570What are the two major European cities that start with the letters Bel?BelfastEvidenceEvidence
sfq_12415What is the most common gas in the Earth's atmosphere?NitrogenEvidenceEvidence
odql_11086Which 'Inn of Court' in London is missing - Lincoln's Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and ........?GRAY'S INNEvidenceEvidence
bb_4306In physics, what is a substance that continually deforms/flows under applied stress, including liquids, gases and plasmas?FluidEvidenceEvidence
qw_6702Set up in 1954 as a merger of smaller groups, the Front de Libration Nationale fought a war for independence from France until 1962, when the French government signed a cease-fire agreement. The FLN became the only legal party in which country?AlgeriaEvidenceEvidence
odql_8742As which bird is the ancient Egyptian god Horus represented?FALCONEvidenceEvidence
qw_3671What name was given to the fossils, discovered in 2004, of humans with large feet, that stood about a metre high?Homo floresiensisEvidence
sfq_25241Who became the acting leader of the Labour Party following the sudden death of John Smith in 1994?MARGARET BECKETTEvidenceEvidence
sfq_12882The world's deepest known cave is in which country?GeorgiaEvidence
tc_962What was the profession of Paul Strand (1890 - 1976)?PhotographerEvidenceEvidence
qw_14995What profession was Jean-Paul Marat, noted for his involvement in the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century?JournalistEvidenceEvidence
odql_13474Who wrote the book 'Friends, Voters, Countrymen' about his election as MP for Henley-on-Thames in 2001?BORIS JOHNSONEvidenceEvidence
odql_2605In 1964, who became the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize?MARTIN LUTHER KINGEvidence
odql_5149Which flower has the Latin name Hyacinthoides non scripta?BLUEBELLEvidenceEvidence
bt_264Who was the first woman to fly the Atlantic soloAmelia EarheartEvidenceEvidence
bt_3743"Who has the motto ""Nation shall speak peace unto nation"""The B.B.C.EvidenceEvidence
qw_11850Where is The Bridge of Sighs?VeniceEvidenceEvidence
qw_6296"The ""phylloxera epidemic"" affects what?"GrapevinesEvidenceEvidence
odql_4779By what nickname was the American prisoner Robert Franklin Stroud better known?'THE BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ'EvidenceEvidence
dpql_2238In which of Shakespeare’s plays does the fool Feste appear?Twelfth NightEvidenceEvidence
qw_2493Which winter sport was contested as an Olympic sport only once, at the 1908 Summer Olympics?Special figures figure skatingEvidenceEvidence
sfq_16651Which Gilbert and Sullivan opera has the alternate title 'Bunthome's Bride'?PatienceEvidenceEvidence
jp_3278What kind of bean is used to make tempeh?SoybeanEvidenceEvidence
qb_406Singer and musician Bono called which venue ‘Rock and roll’s great cathedral’?Madison Square GardenEvidence
qg_207Named after an abduction at the Japanese Embassy in a South American city in 1996, what syndrome, the opposite of the Stockholm Syndrome, is characterized by the abductors developing sympathy for their hostages?Lima SyndromeEvidenceEvidence
qz_6316Which actor does the interviewing in 'Interview with a Vampire'?Christian SlaterEvidenceEvidence
sfq_23841"Nicknamed the ""She Wolf of France"", Isabella the wife of Edward II, was from which French royal house?"House of CapetEvidence
odql_5188"Which American President used the slogan: ""It's the economy, stupid"" for his presidential campaign?"BILL CLINTONEvidenceEvidence
dpql_2858Which 'Regal' male singer provided the half-time entertainment for the 2007 Superbowl?PrinceEvidenceEvidence
qg_4147How long do NFL football teams have to get a play off (the play clock)?40 secondsEvidenceEvidence
sfq_1674Which Pacific nation consists of over 800 islands and islets, the largest being Viti Levu?FIJIEvidenceEvidence
qw_1182What word best describes a triangle where one angle is equal to 90 degrees?Right angledEvidenceEvidence
qb_1850Who wrote the 1930’s novel ‘Tender is the Night’?F. Scott FitzgeraldEvidenceEvidence
qb_5316What type of food dish is a ‘London Particular’?SoupEvidence
sfq_23511Which country’s President resides in a mansion called the Casa Rosada (Pink House)?ArgentinaEvidenceEvidence
qz_1745Author Dick Francis is famous for writing novels based around which sport?HorseracingEvidenceEvidence
wh_1199Which country left the Commonwealthin 1972 and rejoined in 1989?PAKISTANEvidenceEvidence
sfq_7366John Chapter 11 Verse 35 is the shortest verse in the Bible. How many words make up the verse?TwoEvidenceEvidence
dpql_4895Luzon is an island of which country?PhilippinesEvidenceEvidence
qz_147What is the minimum number of darts a person needs to throw to complete a leg from 501?9EvidenceEvidence
dpql_2956In American football and other sports, who or what is a M.V.P.?MOST VALUABLE PLAYEREvidence
odql_2716Who composed the music for the oratorio, 'Belshazzar's Feast'?WILLIAM WALTONEvidenceEvidence
dpql_2271What is a ‘mullet’ on a coat of arms?StarEvidenceEvidence
wh_4264Which sidekick rode a horse called Scout ?TONTOEvidence
dpql_6238Whose personal aircraft is known as ‚Shepherd One‛?The PopeEvidence
qb_4801In which European city was the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest held?LondonEvidenceEvidence
qg_966The 3rd of his vice presidents (after John Nance Garner and Henry Wallace), who took over the reins of power when FDR kicked off?Harry TrumanEvidenceEvidence
bb_9301In 1725 Catherine the First succeeded which Russian emperor, also her husband?Peter the FirstEvidence
odql_1300"Which Latin legal term means ""You should have the body""?"HABEUS CORPUSEvidence
bb_6443Who wrote/directed the movies The Hateful Eight and Inglourious Basterds?Quentin TarantinoEvidenceEvidence
bb_6860Jazz musician Jelly Roll Morton played which instrument?PianoEvidenceEvidence
qz_4147What is the name of the chain of islands in the southwestern Philippines?The Sulu ArchipelagoEvidence
bt_3047What type of animal is a nyalaAntelopeEvidenceEvidence
odql_11292In the 1950's who succeeded Winston Churchill as British prime minister?Anthony EdenEvidenceEvidence
qb_2869In the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte, what is the name of Mr Rochester’s first wife?Bertha MasonEvidenceEvidence
sfq_829Which is the only element, from the group known as the Halogens, which is liquid at room temperature?BROMINEEvidenceEvidence
wh_1552In which town in Greater Manchester did Coronation Street actress Betty Driver sadly pass away recently?STOCKPORTEvidenceEvidence
jp_283Who was Bridget Jones's true love?Mark DarcyEvidenceEvidence
odql_2576Which famous fishing town of east Scotland lies roughly half-way between Montrose and Dundee?ARBROATHEvidenceEvidence
qf_623Where sitting on his suitcase was Paddington bear found ?Paddington StationEvidenceEvidence
qg_3023Who broke Lou Gehrig's record by playing in his 2131st consecutive professional baseball game on September 6, 1995?Cal Ripken, JrEvidenceEvidence
odql_3292Which Cricket broadcaster is famous for his observations of passing traffic?HENRY BLOFELDEvidence
dpql_4810What was Her Majesty's Prison Manchester called until 1990?StrangewaysEvidence
wh_4239What was the name of the secret society which led a revolt of the Kikuyu people of Kenya in 1952 ?MAU MAUEvidenceEvidence
qb_8934‘The Royal Hunt of the ‘what’ is a 1964 play by Peter Shaffer?SunEvidenceEvidence
qw_6435In 1848, Mexico ratified the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, officially ceding what to the USA?LandEvidenceEvidence
odql_3663Nouakchott is the capital of which Islamic African republic?MAURETANIAEvidenceEvidence
sfq_12324Who discovered the planet Uranus?WILLIAM HERSCHELEvidenceEvidence
sfq_21758On which motorway would you find the Blackburn with Darwen service area?M65Evidence
sfq_22149Who played the part of Dr Mark Sloan in the TV series Diagnosis Murder?Dick van DykeEvidenceEvidence
odql_4439What was the first name of Queen Victoria?ALEXANDRINAEvidenceEvidence
odql_2050'Sir Oliver Martext' is avicar in which of Shakespeare's comedies?'AS YOU LIKE IT'EvidenceEvidence
tc_2556In which battle did Harold II, the last Saxon king, lose his life?Battle of HastingsEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2993Which TV series, filmed in and around Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, is adapted from the novels of Caroline Graham?MIDSOMER MURDERSEvidenceEvidence
tb_1889Wardenclyffe Tower in Shoreham, New York was designed by which genius who intended to showcase it for demonstrations of wireless power transmission?Nikola TeslaEvidenceEvidence
qf_297What type of animal is a markhor?Wild GoatEvidenceEvidence
qb_6895Which word can go after Cat, Board and Jay to make three other words?WalkEvidence
sfq_22152Name the year in which Driving Miss Daisy won the Best Picture Oscar, Mikhail Gorbachev is elected as the first executive President of the Soviet Union and Iraq invaded Kuwait?1990EvidenceEvidence
qz_1872Who composed the musical theme for the Pink Panther?Henry ManciniEvidenceEvidence
dpql_216Which is the highest position in the Metropolitan Police?CommissionerEvidenceEvidence
qb_4550What is the longest river in Canada?Mackenzie RiverEvidenceEvidence
qw_9990The Treaty of Kiel, between the UK, Sweden and Denmark-Norway was intended to ease hostilities relating to which war?NapoleonicEvidenceEvidence
jp_3680What well-known mountain pass connects Pakistan and Afghanistan?Khyber PassEvidenceEvidence
qb_5210In the US, where would a busboy work?RestaurantEvidence
odql_8144Pompey the Great and Crassus were two of the 'First Triumverate' in 60 BC. Who was the third?JULIUS CAESAREvidenceEvidence
qw_3207What is the name given to something used to compress an artery to control bleeding?TourniquetEvidence
odql_8192In the English translations of the 'Asterix' comics, what is the name of the village leader, a middle-aged, obese man with red hair, pigtails and a huge moustache?'VITALSTATISTIX'EvidenceEvidence
qw_8188The Misses World for both 1999 and 2000 represented which country?IndiaEvidenceEvidence
bt_1218What are double bitted, cruiser double bitted and cedar types ofAxesEvidence
dpql_4151Who played the title role in the 1953 film ‘Shane’?ALAN LADDEvidenceEvidence
jp_934What monkey is friends with the Man in the Yellow Hat?Curious GeorgeEvidenceEvidence
qw_1253Charles Lindbergh became famous by flying which aeroplane?The Spirit of St LouisEvidenceEvidence
bb_7429Which guitar innovator and player has a range of Gibson Guitars named after him?Les PaulEvidenceEvidence
qb_6337What is the name of the female alter-ego of Turner Prize winner Grayson perry?ClaireEvidenceEvidence
bb_5550The Greek city Lacedaemon, (hence 'laconic' = minimal yet efficient language), also produced a word for frugality, from its more common name of what?SpartaEvidenceEvidence
qw_14505The waters of the Gulf of Mexico flow to meet the Atlantic Ocean through what?Florida StraitsEvidenceEvidence
qw_1812"What is ""Too much money chasing too few goods""?"InflationEvidenceEvidence
odql_7865Which Shakespeare play could be summarised as 'Falstaff's cynical seduction of two wealthy women goes awry when they find out about each other and decide to return the compliment by making him a laughing stock'?THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOREvidenceEvidence
qw_3191In 1960, who co-founded Motor Racing Developments Ltd., a British racing car manufacturer and Formula One racing team with designer Ron Tauranac?Jack BrabhamEvidenceEvidence
sfq_7793Who played the female lead in the 1957 film 'An Affair To Remember'?Deborah KerrEvidenceEvidence
qb_7038The shortest chapter in the Bible is in which book?Psalms 117Evidence
sfq_5573Which US President was the last to have been born in the nineteenth century?Dwight D EisenhowerEvidenceEvidence
odql_13246Who plays the title character in the 2003 film Johnny English?Rowan AtkinsonEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2004"Who in the wild west was known as ""Iron Eyes"" among his other nicknames?"WILLIAM CODYEvidenceEvidence
odql_14551Which band, formed in Salford in 1976, contained Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook?'JOY DIVISION'EvidenceEvidence
sfq_16522Which artist painted 'Monarch of the Glen'?Edwin LandseerEvidenceEvidence
wh_2932"Which energy drink, introduced in 1987 has the advertising slogan ""gives you wings""?"RED BULLEvidenceEvidence
odql_4592An American aided coup in Chile in 1973, deposed which President?SALVADOR ALLENDEEvidenceEvidence
odql_12438"Complete the name of the group for whom Young Girl was a Number One single in 1968 – ""Gary ???? and the Union Gap""."PUCKETTEvidenceEvidence
wh_3240"Which institution is known as 'The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street""?"THE BANK OF ENGLANDEvidenceEvidence
odql_688In 'Moh's Scale' of hardness, Talc is at number 1, but what is number 2?GYPSUMEvidence
odql_12554Which country has the international car registration code HKJ?JordanEvidenceEvidence
bb_7795Ari Folman's acclaimed 2008 film was 'Waltz with...' whom?BashirEvidenceEvidence
odql_9920Known as the 'Phoenix Park Murders', the assassination of Lord Frederick Cavendish and Thomas Henry Burke in 1882 occurred in which city?DUBLINEvidenceEvidence
wh_2727What is the name of Tokyo's seaport ?YOKOHAMAEvidenceEvidence
dpql_4699Which record label turned The Beatles down after an audition in 1962?DeccaEvidenceEvidence
odql_7185Which boxing champion had the nickname 'Hit-Man'?THOMAS HEARNSEvidenceEvidence
odql_14335Which Rugby League team plays home games at Derwent Park?WORKINGTON TOWNEvidenceEvidence
bb_7221Where was the first British Grand Prix motor race held?BrooklandsEvidenceEvidence
qg_4367Although it ended up being very ineffective, what was the name for the interconnected series of concrete fortifications built by France along its border with Germany between WWI and WWII?Maginot LineEvidence
bb_1566What is the originally north African dish made of coursely ground wheat whose Arabic name, kaskasa, means 'to pound'?CouscousEvidenceEvidence
bb_3795Swede Carl Linnaeus, 1707-78, considered the father of taxonomy of living things, is the lectotype (example specimen) for which species?Homo SapiensEvidenceEvidence
sfq_1323Which shocking fish is also known as a torpedo?ELECTRIC RAYEvidence
qg_1341Whom was Ronald Reagan referring to when he uttered the famous phrase "evil empire" in a 1983 speech?Soviet UnionEvidenceEvidence
sfq_7483"Which actor, best known for his role in ""The Godfather"" series of films, shares his name with a member of TV's ""Dragon's Den""?"JAMES CAANEvidenceEvidence
sfq_6730Which famous writer of children's books also made serious natural history studies of fungi and lichens?BEATRIX POTTEREvidence
odql_6494In which city is 'Armley Prison' located?LEEDSEvidenceEvidence
qb_3200What type of leaves does a koala feed on?EucalyptusEvidenceEvidence
sfq_24189"Which actress played 'Valeria"" in the film Carry On Screaming?"Fenella FieldingEvidenceEvidence
sfq_24596Who said “I married beneath me. All women do.”?Nancy AstorEvidenceEvidence
qb_9867Which Cole Porter play won the first Tony Award for best musical in 1949?Kiss Me KateEvidenceEvidence
sfq_18100"According to an advertising campaign in the 1990s, what beer was ""The cream of Manchester""?"BoddingtonsEvidence
sfq_20503Which river flows into the North Sea at Hamburg?ElbeEvidenceEvidence
sfq_6104"Who is the composer of ""The L'Arlesienne Suite""?"BIZETEvidenceEvidence
bb_77A dendogram is a diagram of what shape?TreeEvidenceEvidence
tc_2417What is the Pacific terminus of the Trans Siberian Railway?VladivostokEvidenceEvidence
dpql_1477What is the name of the O’Haras’ plantation in ‘Gone with the Wind’?TARAEvidenceEvidence
sfq_11920Which city is known as the 'Pearl of the Danube'?BudapestEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2345During the 1970s which car maker produced the Triumph TR7 and the Jaguar XJS?British LeylandEvidenceEvidence
sfq_26204Alan Minter was World boxing champion at which weight?MiddleweightEvidenceEvidence
bb_7484What was Stephane Grappelli's instrument?ViolinEvidenceEvidence
sfq_3685In which English city is the HQ of the Ordnance Survey?SouthamptonEvidenceEvidence
qb_7914Hedonophobia is the irrational fear of what?PleasureEvidenceEvidence
wh_756Which geological perioed falls between the Triassic and the Cretaceous periods?JURASSICEvidenceEvidence
qg_564What company made headlines last week by claiming to own a trademark on the word "footlong"?SubwayEvidence
odql_10257Singer Eleonara Fagan was better known by what stage name?BILLIE HOLLIDAYEvidenceEvidence
odql_1774Whose horse was called Incitatus?CALIGULAEvidenceEvidence
sfq_16838Which disastrous amphibious landing in 1942 used British troops, Canadian troops and US Rangers?DIEPPEEvidenceEvidence
odql_7272What well known alcoholic drink was originally known as 'Usquebaugh'?WHISKYEvidenceEvidence
wh_1000The upper house of the Canadian parliament is known as the Senate; what is the lower house called?HOUSE OF COMMONSEvidenceEvidence
sfq_22825From the late 19th Century, which English town was known as Biscuit Town?READINGEvidenceEvidence
bb_1964What is the common term for the practice of freezing a human body in hope of a cure being developed enabling thawing and revival?CryonicsEvidence
sfq_14146Which Scottish league team play their home game at Victoria Park and have the nickname The Staggies'?Ross CountyEvidenceEvidence
sfq_1506In literature, whose girlfriend is Becky Thatcher?Tom SawyerEvidence
sfq_24135Katherine Yiner is editor of which daily newspaper?GuardianEvidence
sfq_22691Which island is named after the world's largest bear?KodiakEvidence
sfq_4647What do we call the fruit of the blackthorn?SloeEvidenceEvidence
sfq_1264Who became President of the USA following the assassination of William McKinley in 1901?Theodore RooseveltEvidenceEvidence
qg_2206According to the proverb, what does a stitch in time save?NineEvidence
bb_8625Divya Narenda and the Winklevoss twins, founders of the Connectu and Harvardconnection websites, agreed to a financial settlement from which big internet corporation?FacebookEvidenceEvidence
sfq_6369Which car company produces the Meriva model?VAUXHALLEvidenceEvidence
sfq_6422In Greek mythology, what was the name of Apollo's twin sister?ArtemisEvidenceEvidence
qz_2404What is the scientific name given to tea?Camellia SinensisEvidence
odql_723What sort of plant is 'Bladderwrack'?SEAWEEDEvidenceEvidence
qg_4308What is the official color of the UPS trucks?Pullman BrownEvidence
odql_8369In April 1814 which King gained the French throne to begin the Bourbon Restoration?LOUIS XVIIIEvidenceEvidence
sfq_789What is the name of the seven-branched candelabra used in the Jewish religion?MenorahEvidenceEvidence
sfq_8391Who created the Barry McKenzie cartoon strip in the 1960s?Barry HumphriesEvidenceEvidence
bb_3041What metric prefix, denoting ten to the power of minus twelve, is named from Spanish meaning 'little bit'?PicoEvidenceEvidence
jp_1192What is the biggest Italian automaker?FiatEvidence
bb_5529American businessman and philanthropist Solomon Guggenheim (1861-1949) established a famous eponymous international network of?MuseumsEvidenceEvidence
sfq_18384Who created the fictional special agent Will Trent?KARIN SLAUGHTEREvidenceEvidence
qb_6772Mr Worldly Wisemen appears in which 17th Century book?Pilgrim’s ProgressEvidenceEvidence
bt_2348What is the fifth event in the heptathlonLong jumpEvidenceEvidence
wh_4175What term is given to a piece of artwork that is painted directly onto a wall or architectural feature ?MURALEvidence
bt_3768Which is the only sign of the Zodiac to start and finish with the same letterSagittariusEvidence
qf_2326"In what year did Glen Campbell have a hit with ""It's Only Make Believe""?"1970EvidenceEvidence
sfq_24628In which part of the body might one sustain a Pott's Fracture? \The ANKLEEvidenceEvidence
qg_3171A. M. Best, Moodys, and Standard & Poors are all examples of what?Credit Reporting AgenciesEvidence
bt_3512What is the name of the wooden panelled lining applied to a roomWainscottingEvidence
sfq_4040Which French painter was known as 'Le Douanier' because of his job as a customs official?(Henri) RousseauEvidence
qb_2833How many players are on the field in a baseball team?NineEvidenceEvidence
qw_9369"Which composer wrote ""Night and Day"", ""I Get a Kick out of You"", ""Well, Did You Evah!"" and ""I've Got You Under My Skin""?"Cole PorterEvidenceEvidence
sfq_1293What name is given to the science or study of poisons?ToxicologyEvidence
jp_4032"What movie featured the song ""The Time Warp""?"The Rocky Horror Picture ShowEvidenceEvidence
wh_1578"Who, in 1983 sang the theme song to the James Bond film ""Octopussy""?"RITA COOLIDGEEvidenceEvidence
qf_1269Where was Dick Turpin executed by hanging?YorkEvidenceEvidence
jp_2733What company's mascots include a gecko, a caveman, and a talking pile of money?GeicoEvidence
sfq_8681Name the 2003 Turner Prize winning artist whose alter ego is Claire?GRAYSON PERRYEvidenceEvidence
jp_740Shingles is an adult form of what illness?Chicken PoxEvidenceEvidence
sfq_4015Which group recorded the albums called 'Raintown', 'Fellow Hoodlums' and 'Homesick'?Deacon BlueEvidenceEvidence
tc_3155Which force is nothing more than the bending of space and time?Gravitational forceEvidenceEvidence
qb_4106A Violent Storm is which number on the Beaufort Scale?11EvidenceEvidence
wh_2424Which boy's name, according to website BabyCenter, is the most globally popular for the eigth year in a row?AIDENEvidenceEvidence
bt_1805What kind of flowers was the gunman holding when he shot Dirty Den in EastendersDaffodilsEvidenceEvidence
qg_2063According to famous American architect Louis Henri Sullivan, known as the father of skyscrapers, "form follows what"?FunctionEvidenceEvidence
sfq_18303Which was the lightest of the three weight categories for women boxers at the 2014 Commonwealth Games?FLYWEIGHTEvidence
odql_3253What was the name of the company that 'Reginald Perrin' worked for in 'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin'?'SUNSHINE DESSERTS'EvidenceEvidence
dpql_2695Which Asian country has the Tugrik as its currency?MongoliaEvidenceEvidence
jp_661What is the only U.S. state that borders just one other?MaineEvidenceEvidence
sfq_23849Bill Wyman has had the highest chart entry of any of the Rolling Stones as a solo artist in the UK charts, with which song?Je Suis un Rock StarEvidenceEvidence
odql_14222Which city lies at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and MoselleKoblenzEvidenceEvidence
qg_1045Translating from the Greek as "separating circle", what is the name of the apparent line that separates the earth from the sky?HorizonEvidenceEvidence
qz_2324Who was the author of 'The Old Curiosity Shop'?Charles DickensEvidenceEvidence
qg_1127Between 20 and 30 miles thick above water (3 to 6 miles thick beneath the ocean), what is the geologic term for the part of the earth that sits on top of the mantle?CrustEvidenceEvidence
sfq_17379Who played Richard DeVere in the TV sitcom To the Manor Born?PETER BOWLESEvidenceEvidence
sfq_14658Introduced in 1908, for what does the B in the degree-equivalent course MBA stand?BUSINESSEvidenceEvidence
sfq_21333What was the first name of Tory politician Enoch Powell?JOHNEvidenceEvidence
jp_2379Which U.S. state was the first to legalize same-sex marriage, in 2004?MassachusettsEvidenceEvidence
odql_7310Judge Hiller Zobel was seen worldwide during the televised trial of whom?LOUISE WOODWARDEvidence
bb_5131Latin 'collum' refers to which part of the human body?NeckEvidenceEvidence
jp_3064What country's flag is a red circle in a field of white?JapanEvidenceEvidence
qg_1629What is the traditional beverage hoisted by the winners of the Indianapolis 500, a tradition that dates back to 1936?MilkEvidenceEvidence
tc_1816Who wrote My Life and Loves in 1926, originally banned in the US?Frank HarrisEvidenceEvidence
sfq_17367Who was the longest serving US president (12 years 39 days)?FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELTEvidenceEvidence
odql_7981The South African currency unit, the Rand, is divided into a hundred what?CENTSEvidenceEvidence
qb_1901Amarelo is Portuguese for which colour?YellowEvidence
odql_10410The Appian Way ran from Rome to which Italian port?BRINDISIEvidenceEvidence
bb_1263From which country did French horns originate?GermanyEvidenceEvidence
dpql_2584Which prophet secretly anointed David as King of Israel?SamuelEvidenceEvidence
bb_7279Who became Lord Mayor of London in 1397?Richard WhittingtonEvidenceEvidence
qw_5947Which team has played in 40 of the 105 Baseball World Series and won 27 World Series championships (between 1923 and 2009), the most of any Major League franchise?The New York YankeesEvidenceEvidence
dpql_1096Which torture chamber was invented by George Orwell?Room 101EvidenceEvidence
bb_8318Philopobia is the fear of what basic human emotion?LoveEvidenceEvidence
tc_2202What are the international registration letters of a vehicle from Iceland?ISEvidenceEvidence
wh_371"Which American President is credited with the quote ""If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen""?"HARRY TRUMANEvidence
sfq_20362In which Dickens' novel does lawyer Mr Jaggers appear?Great ExpectationsEvidenceEvidence
qz_3968Which common colour can also be known as heliotrope?PurpleEvidenceEvidence
qw_5039A novel by General Lew Wallace published in 1880 was made into which films in 1926 (a silent movie) and 1959 (produced by William Wyler)?Ben HurEvidenceEvidence
qz_5346Who played the character Mr Chips in the 2002 TV adaptation of Goodbye Mr ChipsMartin ClunesEvidence
odql_5216What in law, does the term consanguinity mean?RELATED BY BLOODEvidenceEvidence
sfq_10822'The Castle of Otranto' often called the first gothic novel, was written in 1764 by whom?HORACE WALPOLEEvidenceEvidence
qf_317In which country will you find the 'Carisbrook Rugby Stadium'?New ZealandEvidenceEvidence
sfq_11239Yigal Amir assassinated whom in 1995?Yitzhak RabinEvidenceEvidence
qb_7916What type of creature is a louvar?FishEvidenceEvidence
qg_1273According to Arthurian legend, Arthur's wife Guinevere, had a little on the side with which Knight of the Round Table?LancelotEvidenceEvidence
bt_1538What is cartoon character Mr. Magoo's first nameQuincyEvidenceEvidence
sfq_19462In 480 BC, Leonidas led his 300 Spartans against the Persian army, led by Xerxes, in which land battle?ThermopylaeEvidenceEvidence
qw_8396"What organisation was founded in 1831 by James Winston, Samuel James Arnold, Samuel Beazley, Sir Andrew Francis Barnard, and Francis Mills to ""tend to the regeneration of the Drama""?"The Garrick ClubEvidenceEvidence
qf_1183Which black and white marine creature is the largest member of the Dolphin family?Killer WhaleEvidence
odql_4791Which English poet and dramatist was jailed for murder of the actor Gabriel Spencer after a duel in 1598?BEN JONSONEvidenceEvidence
qw_14565"After stints backing Little Richard and the Isley Brothers, who was discovered leading ""Jimmy James and the Blue Flames"" at the Caf Wha? in New York and taken to London on 26 September 1966 to make hit records?"Jimi HendrixEvidenceEvidence
sfq_12902Libya was a colony of which country from 1911 to 1947?ItalyEvidenceEvidence
odql_12607Prince Rupert of the Rhine, who fought in the Thirty Years’ War, was nephew of which English King, who made him Duke of Cumberland?CHARLES IEvidenceEvidence
qw_13177Who was the first Englishman to lead an expedition to circumnavigate the earth by sea, and died of dysentery in the West Indies 16 years later?Francis DrakeEvidenceEvidence
bb_3851What highly durable footwear is used to name a species of bat and crab, alluding respectively to nose and body shapes?HorseshoeEvidenceEvidence
jp_2006What is the only 6 letter word that ends in mt?DreamtEvidence
qg_4434What online travel agency uses The Roaming Gnome as its' TV spokesperson?TravelocityEvidenceEvidence
tc_2524Which crusade was led by Philip II Augustus of France and Richard I of England?Third crusadeEvidenceEvidence
qw_7722What is identified by an I. S. B. N.?BookEvidence
bt_2106Gingivitis affects which part of the bodyGumsEvidenceEvidence
bb_4341In what year was Band-Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas the UK Christmas chart-topping record (bonus point each for the years of reissue success by Band Aid II and Band Aid 20)?1984EvidenceEvidence
odql_4409Which BBC2 comedy is set around the church of St Saviours in the Marshes in Hackney?REVEvidenceEvidence
qb_816In medicine, epiphora affects which part of the human body?EyeEvidenceEvidence
bb_896The Bacillus Calmette-Guerin vaccine is used for immunisation against what?TuberculosisEvidenceEvidence
qw_4395"Larry Levine, an American audio engineer, who won a Grammy Award in 1966 for ""A Taste of Honey"" by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass and contributed to The Beach Boys' 1966 album ""Pet Sounds"", was best known for his co-operation on the Wall of Sound recording technique with which producer?"Phil SpectorEvidenceEvidence
bb_4263Staphylococcus and Streptococcus are types of?BacteriaEvidenceEvidence
qb_1009Which tennis player was known as the Rockhampton Rocket?Rod LaverEvidenceEvidence
odql_13489What is the title of the first number one UK hit single for 'Oasis'?'SOME MIGHT SAY'EvidenceEvidence
wh_2290Which is the largest city in Scandinavia by population ?STOCKHOLMEvidenceEvidence
bb_927In Mexico, it is said that wearing what colour/color underwear on New Year's Eve ensures finding new love the following year?RedEvidenceEvidence
odql_8433The 'Colossus of Rhodes' was a bronze statue of who?APOLLOEvidenceEvidence
qw_4545Australian Shane Warne is associated with which sport?CricketEvidenceEvidence
qw_7374Who was the first female artist to have a #1 album in the USA and the UK simultaneously?Susan BoyleEvidence
qw_15432The actor John Wayne was known by what nickname?The DukeEvidenceEvidence
odql_12819Which animal completes the name of the stop-motion animated children’s TV series “Raa Raa the Noisy _____”?LionEvidenceEvidence
sfq_20294Which major city is situated at the mouth of the Yangtze River in China?ShanghaiEvidenceEvidence
qb_8569What was the World’s first teletext information service?CeefaxEvidenceEvidence
qw_3761Which British stage director won an Oscar for his feature-film directing debut, which starred Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, and Thora Birch?Sam MendesEvidenceEvidence
qb_7894How many squares does a Rubik’s Cube have on each side?9EvidenceEvidence
sfq_4653What type of animal is a bonobo?ApeEvidenceEvidence
bb_5694In the 1970s British practitioner John McTimoney founded his eponymous type of (What?) treatment?ChiropracticEvidence
odql_9981Which American film director and writer is best known for his suspense and thriller films, including 'Carrie'. 'Scarface', 'Carlito's Way' and 'Mission: Impossible'?BRIAN de PALMAEvidenceEvidence
qb_2546What do the interior angles of a hexagon add up to in degrees?720EvidenceEvidence
qb_4163What is the second event of a men’s decathlon?Long jumpEvidenceEvidence
qb_1762Scatology is the scientific study of what?ExcrementEvidenceEvidence
qw_14687What word is traditionally applied to clothes and linen collected by a woman before her marriage?TrousseauEvidence
sfq_4374"Who was the female member of the 1980's pop music duo, ""Eurythmics""?"ANNIE LENNOXEvidenceEvidence
sfq_18637What is commonly known as the 'sport of kings'?Horse RacingEvidence
qw_1225The War of the Triple Alliance (1864 - 1870) was fought between the allied countries of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay and which other country?ParaguayEvidenceEvidence
tb_1875Jimi Hendrix presented the broken parts of the guitar that he destroyed on-stage at the 1968 Miami Pop Festival to whom? Not sure if the recipient named it Moon Unit.Frank ZappaEvidenceEvidence
sfq_19040What is the distinctive colour of the soles of shoes designed by Christian Louboutin?RedEvidenceEvidence
qz_5801What was the name of the World War I fighter ace nicknamed the Red Baron?Manfred von Richtofen.EvidenceEvidence
tc_2699What was the nickname of the French singer Edith Piaf?The Little SparrowEvidenceEvidence
qw_12099Of those currently independent, which country was the first to give (and not subsequently revoke) full voting rights country-wide to women?New ZealandEvidenceEvidence
sfq_8105Who won Oscars for directing Platoon (1986) and Born on the Fourth of July (1989)?Oliver StoneEvidenceEvidence
qb_4229Which British fashion designer was commissioned by Stanley Kubrick to design the costumes for the film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’?Hardy AmiesEvidence
qb_603The Strawberry Museum in the town of Wepion is in which country?BelgiumEvidenceEvidence
sfq_24346In which city did Dylan Thomas die?NEW YORKEvidenceEvidence
bt_2729In which town is the University of SurreyGuildfordEvidenceEvidence
tb_1104What is the only language that is historically African in origin among the six official working languages of the African Union?SwahiliEvidenceEvidence
sfq_14197Which opera star was born Claire Mary Teresa Rawstron in 1944?KIRI TE KANAWAEvidence
sfq_17951Which family left Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire shortly after the Profumo Affair of the 1960s?ASTOREvidenceEvidence
jp_942Bohemia is a region of what country?Czech RepublicEvidenceEvidence
sfq_22446Since the foundation of the Football League which is the only team from outside the League (or Premier League) to win the FA Cup, doing so in 1901?Tottenham HotspurEvidenceEvidence
bb_2130What is said to be the UK's loudest bird?BitternEvidence
odql_13292Who was the mother of Edward VI?JANE SEYMOUREvidenceEvidence
bb_8426What animal is the Scandinavian Christmas Julbock symbol?GoatEvidenceEvidence
qz_603In which city would you find O'Hare International Airport?ChicagoEvidenceEvidence
sfq_19011A 'Clumber' is a breed of which dog?SpanielEvidenceEvidence
qb_3648Who became US President John Kennedy’s Vice President in 1961?Lyndon B JohnsonEvidenceEvidence
bt_488Which mediaeval author wrote The Canterbury TalesGeoffrey ChaucerEvidenceEvidence
sfq_25339"Who wrote the novels ""Berlin Game"", ""Mexico Set"" and ""London Match""?"(Len) DEIGHTONEvidenceEvidence
qw_12773The composer Frdric Chopin had a decade-long affair with which French author?George SandEvidenceEvidence
jp_3155What religious text was recently adapted into a hit Broadway musical?The Book of MormonEvidence
qw_7594What item of headwear is associated with Sherlock Holmes?Deerstalker hatEvidenceEvidence
qz_1074In years and days, how old was Luigina Giavotti when she won a silver medal in gymnastics in 1928, and is still the youngest medal winner today?11 years and 302 daysEvidenceEvidence
bb_854What was the title given to the daughters of the Kings of Spain and Portugal who were not the heir to the throne?InfantaEvidenceEvidence
qf_220What was the name of the compere on the TV show 'Take Your Pick'?Michael MilesEvidenceEvidence
odql_8879Which American naval destroyer was attacked in Aden in October 2000?U.S.S. COLEEvidence
dpql_4461From around 2566 B.C. to 1311 A.D. what was the world’s tallest building?Great Pyramid of GizaEvidenceEvidence
qw_7873The Limpopo River separates Zimbabwe and Botswana from what country?South AfricaEvidenceEvidence
jp_856What is the capital of Washington state?OlympiaEvidenceEvidence
odql_10865"The character James Bond was created by Ian Fleming, but who wrote the book ""Carte Blanche"" featuring James Bond?"Jeffery DeaverEvidenceEvidence
odql_6075Which Czech tennis player knocked out Andy Murray in the fourth round of the Men's Singles at the French Open?THOMAS BERDYCHEvidenceEvidence
sfq_17002The Washington Post reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, wrote an account of the Watergate scandal, published in 1974. What was the book called?All the President's MenEvidenceEvidence
sfq_21708In the book by James Hilton what was the full surname of the character Mr Chips?CHIPPINGEvidenceEvidence
qw_402"Which horse race meeting, for ""The Gold Cup"", was first run in 1711 and is held on 7 June each year?"Royal AscotEvidenceEvidence
bt_4353Which female singer had a top ten hit in 1998 with My Favourite MistakeSheryl CrowEvidenceEvidence
qw_14177The writer Tolstoy fundraised for, and donated the proceeds from some of his writing towards, helping the practitioners of what religious movement?DoukhoborsEvidenceEvidence
bb_3515What language was first to be represented in dictionaries and related language theory?ChineseEvidenceEvidence
qg_4093Friggatriskaidekaphobia (or triskaidekaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia) is the fear of what?Friday the 13thEvidenceEvidence
odql_10461Of all the rugby teams to have participated in the 2008- 2009 Guinness Premiership, which team is furthest west?BRISTOLEvidenceEvidence
bb_421How many feet are in a furlong?660EvidenceEvidence
odql_3370Daman Albarn, Graham Coxon,Alex James and Dave Rowntree form or formed which band?BLUREvidenceEvidence
odql_6706In World War II, which company manufactured the 'Beaufighter'?BRISTOLEvidenceEvidence
tc_1004Who had a 60s No 1 with Downtown?Petula ClarkEvidence
jp_4137What house in New Orleans has been the ruin of many a poor boy?The House of the Rising SunEvidenceEvidence
sfq_15643Which illness is commonly treated with the drugs lisinopril and ramipril?High blood pressureEvidenceEvidence
jp_3393"What U.S. state did Ray Charles have ""on his mind""?"GeorgiaEvidence
qg_547Kirkland Signature is the house brand of what retail giant?CostcoEvidenceEvidence
tc_276Who had an 80s No 1 hit with Hold On To The Nights?Richard MarxEvidenceEvidence
dpql_921In tennis, losing two sets 6-0 is known as a double what?BAGELEvidence
sfq_13491The name of which European capital city means Merchants Harbour?COPENHAGENEvidenceEvidence
sfq_9742What is the capital of Rwanda?KigaliEvidenceEvidence
odql_14342In the 1870 'Siege of Metz', the French were besieged by which army?PRUSSIANEvidenceEvidence
sfq_11176Who, in May 2006 when aged 17 years and 75 days, became the youngest footballer to play for England?Theo WalcottEvidence
qw_574On 6 February 1840, what document was signed by Captain William Hobson (on behalf of Queen Victoria) and a number of Maori chiefs as the basis for New Zealand to become part of the British Empire?Treaty of WaitangiEvidenceEvidence
odql_13834Which philosopher, 1872 - 1970, co-wrote 'Principia Mathematica' with A.N. Whitehead?BERTRAND RUSSELLEvidenceEvidence
qw_11414The Gunpowder Plot, by discontented Catholics including Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby, was to blow up the British parliament as it was being opened by whom?James IEvidenceEvidence
sfq_18989George Lansbury et al founded which newspaper in 1912?The Daily HeraldEvidenceEvidence
sfq_3072"Who produces the perfumes ""Opium"" and ""Rive Gauche""?"Yves Saint LaurentEvidenceEvidence
qw_9742What is the term for the attribution of human characteristics to non-human creatures and beings, phenomena, material states and objects or abstract concepts, (e.g. animals, plants and forces of nature such as winds, the rain or the sun)?AnthropomorphismEvidence
dpql_2585Which counter-intelligence agency had a name meaning ‘death to spies’ in English?SmershEvidenceEvidence
qf_387How was Lady Mallowan better known?Agatha ChristieEvidenceEvidence
odql_8365Which is the oldest of the eight Ivy League Universities, founded in 1636 as New College?HARVARDEvidenceEvidence
odql_15009"""Abracadabra"" (1982) and ""The Joker"" (1990) were big hits for which group?"The Steve Miller BandEvidenceEvidence
tc_397In Lewis Carroll's poem The Hunting of the Snark, what did the elusive, troublesome snark turn into to fool hunters?A boojumEvidenceEvidence
qw_16669What is the largest (by population) landlocked country?EthiopiaEvidenceEvidence
bt_1934Which city in Georgia was burned by General Sherman during the American Civil WarAtlantaEvidenceEvidence
sfq_9725Which Briton won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932?John GalsworthyEvidence
odql_12695"Which detective is the protagonist of the novels ""Dead Man's Folly"", ""Cards on the Table"" and ""Mrs McGinty's Dead""?"(Hercule) PoirotEvidenceEvidence
sfq_22602By what first name is golfer Gerry Lester Watson better known?BubbaEvidence
odql_10333Which river runs through York?OUSEEvidence
qb_9619In December 1965, who became President of the Philippines?Ferdinand MarcosEvidenceEvidence
qg_2166Phobos and Deimos are the only two moons of what planet?MarsEvidenceEvidence
qb_6189On a standard dartboard, what number lies opposite 18?7Evidence
sfq_6015Manchester United's Kevin Moran was the first player to he sent off in an FA Cup final, which Arsenal player was the second?(Jose Antonio) ReyesEvidence
tc_1070Benina international airport is in which country?LibyaEvidenceEvidence
sfq_2516In which country did the Battle of El Alamein take place?EgyptEvidenceEvidence
sfq_11822"Which Gilbert and Sullivan operetta is sub titled 'The Witches Curse""?"RUDDIGOREEvidenceEvidence
sfq_21010Who played the wife of Alf Garnett on TV?DANDY NICHOLSEvidenceEvidence
qw_5160What is the name for an argument presented in logical form, containing 2 premises and a conclusion?SyllogismEvidenceEvidence
bb_1426What is solid carbon dioxide commonly called?Dry iceEvidenceEvidence
odql_11608Of what is Oneirology the study?DREAMSEvidenceEvidence
qw_5276"""Yabba dabba doo"" was a catch-phrase in which cartoon series?"The FlintstonesEvidenceEvidence
sfq_22208Former tennis player Vijay Armitrage apears in which James Bond film?OctopussyEvidenceEvidence
bb_9124The Collegiate Church of St Peter in London is more popularly known by what name?Westminster AbbeyEvidenceEvidence
tb_2348In Japanese sporting world, one of the more unusual memorabilia that can be purchased is the 'tegata.' This is the sumo version of what?AutographEvidence
qw_2876"The X-Files spawned two theatrical movies, ""The X-Files"" and ""I Want To Believe"", and which spin-off TV series?"The Lone GunmenEvidenceEvidence
sfq_25106The Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, is the leader of which political party?SYRIZAEvidenceEvidence
sfq_22425What is the name of the fragrant essential oil obtained chiefly from the Damask Rose?AttarEvidenceEvidence
qb_10205What is the name of the family’s pet goldfish in the US television cartoon series ‘American Dad’?Klaus HeisslerEvidenceEvidence
wh_3330Jupiter ; Saturn and Uranus are three of the so-called ' gas giants ' in our Solar System: what is the fourth ?NEPTUNEEvidenceEvidence
qw_15057As at early 2015, how many Prime Ministers have served in Australia since 2013?3EvidenceEvidence
qb_7441A skink is what type of reptile?LizardEvidenceEvidence
sfq_20110Who was the mother of Queen Mary 1st of England?Catherine of AragonEvidenceEvidence
sfq_10437Who was the first Scotsman to appear on a Bank of England banknote?Adam SmithEvidenceEvidence
sfq_23424Which Greek mythological creature has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle?GriffinEvidenceEvidence
qz_5172The Miller Brewing Company got its start in what U.S. city?Milwaukee, WisconsinEvidenceEvidence
sfq_12134Pearl is composed of minute crystals of which compound?Calcium CarbonateEvidence
bb_2929A 'wherry' is a Drink; Cheese; Wind; or Boat?BoatEvidenceEvidence
qb_1373Who plays Daphne in the 2002 film ‘Scooby-Doo’?Sarah Michelle GellarEvidenceEvidence
sfq_5501In the Lake District which is the only body of water to actually be called lake?Bassenthwaite LakeEvidenceEvidence
qw_2206"Which 20th century English playwright wrote ""The Winslow Boy"" and ""Separate Tables""?"Terence RattiganEvidenceEvidence
wh_3542Who recorded the original version of the song When A Man Loves A Woman ?PERCY SLEDGEEvidenceEvidence
sfq_10251Buenos Aires is located on the estuary of which river?RIVER PLATEEvidence
qz_3923Who played the tenth Doctor?David TennantEvidenceEvidence
qf_2276Who was the first emperor of Rome?AugustusEvidenceEvidence
qw_1329What is the Scottish word that applies to New Year's Eve?HogmanayEvidenceEvidence
sfq_4265Who painted 'The Fighting Temeraire'?JMW TurnerEvidenceEvidence
odql_12839"Which political philosopher wrote ""The Theory of Moral Sentiments"" and ""An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations""?"Adam SmithEvidenceEvidence
qb_7817How many ‘E’ tiles are provided in a Scrabble game?12EvidenceEvidence
sfq_14566Moroni is the capital of which Indian Ocean island group?COMOROSEvidenceEvidence
jp_3159What city is famously 5,280 feet above sea level?DenverEvidence
bb_5199From the Latin meaning of clip/cut, what hairstyle symbolizes religious devotion?TonsureEvidenceEvidence
sfq_7665In children's cartoons, which character lives in a pineapple under the sea?SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTSEvidence
tc_288Which highway was Revisited in a classic 60s album by Bob Dylan?61EvidenceEvidence
tc_2299How was President Kennedy assassinated?ShotEvidenceEvidence
odql_9893Which Tim Burton film is the highest-grossing film of 2010 and, already, the fifth highest-grossing film of all time worldwide?'ALICE IN WONDERLAND'EvidenceEvidence
jp_2976Romaine & Butterhead are types of what?LettuceEvidence
qz_4140Who was the only Prime Minister of Britain to be assassinated?Spencer PercivalEvidenceEvidence
odql_1190The Kalahari Desert lies chiefly in which country?BotswanaEvidenceEvidence
sfq_23291Which team did Jose Mourinho manage to win the 2004 UEFA Champions League Final - beating Monaco 3-0?PORTOEvidenceEvidence
bt_3777What drink was invented by oilmen who used to use their tools to stir itThe screwdriverEvidence
wh_797What is the first name of Madame Bovary in Flaubert's 1856 novel?EMMAEvidenceEvidence
sfq_5476The name of which Russian spacecraft means 'travelling companion' or 'satellite'?SputnikEvidenceEvidence
dpql_2497In Shakespeare’s play what is the name of Hamlet’s mother?GertrudeEvidenceEvidence
bb_9418What would you find at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington?The White HouseEvidenceEvidence
wh_3823Which French author wrote the 1909 novel The Phantom Of The Opera ?Gaston LEROUXEvidence
tb_151What name given to an autumn full moon in the northern hemisphere alludes to the brightness of the night sky that aids the shooting of migrating birds?Hunter's moonEvidence
bb_8096What is the spiked stick or prod used for driving cattle called?GoadEvidence
odql_9683Who won Best Supporting Actor 'Oscar' for his role in 'Jerry Maguire'?CUBA GOODING JrEvidenceEvidence
qw_11987A second referendum is due to be held for which commonwealth to decide whether, among other options, to become the 51st state of the USA?Puerto RicoEvidenceEvidence
dpql_5553In which county will you find Fountains abbey and Studley Water Gardens?North YorkshireEvidenceEvidence
bt_1659Who had a No 1 in the 80's with Karma ChameleonCulture ClubEvidenceEvidence
wh_3992Which two word named plant, also known as Dionaea Muscipala is characterised by having hinged two lobed leaves that snap closed when the sensitive hairs on it's surface are touched ?VENUS FLYTRAPEvidenceEvidence
sfq_1217Who was the last British male to reach the final of a Grand Slam tennis singles tournament?Greg RusedskiEvidenceEvidence
dpql_1726What are the major suits in the card game Bridge?Hearts and SpadesEvidence
qz_6036Who created the Miss World pageant?Eric Morley.EvidenceEvidence
sfq_20297Who was the original drummer/singer with the Monkees pop group?Mickey DolenzEvidenceEvidence
qb_4411English novelist Barbara McCorquodale was better known by what name?Barbara CartlandEvidence
qb_4017Ligustrum is the Latin name for which shrub?PrivetEvidenceEvidence
qw_1551Whose play about the Salem witch trials in the 17th century drew parallels to McCarthyism in the 1950s?Arthur MillerEvidenceEvidence
dpql_6330Whose official country residence is Dorneywood, Buckinghamshire?Chancellor of the ExchequerEvidenceEvidence
bb_1115Referring to a 1950s song what is the traditional bingo call for the number 76?TrombonesEvidence
sfq_12180Who was the friend of Little Jackie Paper?Puff the Magic DragonEvidenceEvidence
sfq_23498Wookey Hole is part of which range of hills?MendipsEvidenceEvidence
qw_9600Which golf club is designed to hit the ball the furthest distance?DriverEvidenceEvidence
qf_3440What was Grace Darling's father's job?Lighthouse keeperEvidenceEvidence
bt_1591What was the name of Catherine Zeta Jones character in The Darling Buds of MayMarietteEvidenceEvidence
sfq_4947In which State is USA's highest mountain, Mount McKinley?AlaskaEvidenceEvidence
qw_9959What ancient civilization was centred in the north of ancient Canaan, with its heartland along the coastal regions of modern day Lebanon, Syria and Israel?PhoeniciaEvidenceEvidence
qw_2544What is the astronomical term for the measure of the reflective ability of a heavenly body?AlbedoEvidence
odql_333Which coral atoll, the largest island in the Chagos Archipelago, was forcibly depopulated in 1971 to make way for a joint UK/USA military base?DIEGO GARCIAEvidence
sfq_15686Who presents the BBC4 cerebral quiz show 'Only Connect'?Victoria CorenEvidenceEvidence
qw_13383When did the Goa'uld first appear in the US/Canada TV series Stargate SG-1?1997EvidenceEvidence
jp_3241Canuck is a nickname for someone from what country?CanadaEvidence
dpql_250There were three major sieges in the Boer War – Mafeking, Kimberley and which other?LadysmithEvidenceEvidence
odql_12874Which world war 2 German SS captain and Gestapo member was known as ‘The Butcher of Lyon”?(Klaus) BarbieEvidenceEvidence
tc_888Who was the youngest brother in the Beach Boys?Carl WilsonEvidenceEvidence
qw_722If you divide a prime number by 4, the answer must result in ?A fractionEvidenceEvidence
odql_12487Wednesday Friday is the youngest member of which TV family from the 1960s?ADDAMSEvidence
dpql_4024Subtitled ‘What You Will’, which play begins: ‘If music be the food of love, play on’?TWELFTH NIGHTEvidence
dpql_4118Who helped bring photography to the masses with his Kodak roll-film technology?George EASTMANEvidenceEvidence
sfq_19414In the Sermon on the Mount, who would see God?The pure in heartEvidence
qw_1355The Republic of China (ROC) did not compete at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 because the People's Republic of China (PRC) pressured the organisers to stop them competing under that name. What name did the ROC use when it next competed in 1984?Chinese TaipeiEvidenceEvidence
qw_3289What name is given to an alcoholic drink that is taken in an effort to cure a hangover?Hair of the dogEvidenceEvidence
sfq_20392In 1705, who was the first scientist to be knighted?Isaac NewtonEvidence
sfq_13320In which year did Reference Point win the Derby and Maori Venture win the Grand National?1987EvidenceEvidence
qb_3614Tewkesbury Mustard is mentioned in which Shakespeare play?Henry IVEvidenceEvidence
bt_279What is classed as the Blue Riband of the Henley RegattaDiamond ScullsEvidence
odql_6789What may be described as a 'red earthworm with rings of a brighter colour, often found in manure and used as fishing bait?BRANDLINGEvidenceEvidence
bt_1158Which Englishman was World Speedway Champion in 1992Gary HavelockEvidence
odql_5703Who plays 'Hannibal Smith' in the 2010 film 'The A- Team'?LIAM NEESONEvidenceEvidence
wh_52Which rider won the ladies European Three Day event Championship at Burghley in 1971?PRINCESS ANNEEvidenceEvidence
qw_10253"Whose motto is ""Je Maintiendrai""?"The NetherlandsEvidenceEvidence
bt_1890What is the name of the local pub in HeartbeatThe Aidensfield ArmsEvidenceEvidence
qw_12302Which 1944 musical film, directed by Vincente Minnelli, starred Judy Garland, Mary Astor, Leon Ames, Marjorie Main and Margaret O'Brien who were going to the Louisianna Purchase Exposition of 1904?Meet Me In St. LouisEvidenceEvidence
bb_801The state of Oaxaca, hit by a devastating mudslide in October 2010, is in which country?MexicoEvidenceEvidence
qw_11383What country changed its name to Burkina Faso?Republic of Upper VoltaEvidenceEvidence
qw_13750In 2009 Artem Silchenko was first in the Red Bull World Series held at Antalya, Turkey & Sisikon, Switzerland in which sport?Cliff divingEvidenceEvidence
qz_860What is the name of Kevin the teenager's friend played by Kathy Burke in a series of sketches with Harry Enfield?PerryEvidenceEvidence
odql_5313What was Kerry Packer's media company called?CONSOLIDATED PRESSEvidenceEvidence
sfq_6944"Who was appointed Chief Constable of Merseyside in 2004, and left the post in 2009, after being made an ""Inspector of Constabulary"" by the Queen?"BERNARD HOGAN-HOWEEvidence
odql_6389What sporting term, meaning a second chance, comes from the French word for fishing again?RepechageEvidenceEvidence
qf_1364How many feet in a fathom?SixEvidenceEvidence
qf_3554What name is used in the Roman Catholic Church for evensong?VespersEvidenceEvidence
qw_744What mountain system in the USA stretches over 1500 miles south to Alabama, through which pass the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys?AppalachiansEvidenceEvidence
bb_2Arctic King, Saladin and Tom Thumb are which types of vegetable?LettuceEvidenceEvidence
bt_858Who played the part of Samantha in BewitchedElizabeth MontgomeryEvidenceEvidence
sfq_12271Which Gilbert and Sullivan opera has the alternative title 'The Town of Titipu'?The MikadoEvidenceEvidence
qw_6656The Ironman World Championship, which has been held annually in Hawaii since 1978, with an additional race in 1982, involves which sport?TriathlonEvidenceEvidence
qw_186What game, created in 1904 by a quaker, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Phillips, when revised by Charles Darrow and others became one of the world's most played commercial board games?MonopolyEvidenceEvidence
qb_7552Which train is the holder of the world speed record for steam locomotives?MallardEvidenceEvidence
qf_1441Name the Greek Mythological hero who killed the gorgon Medusa?PerseusEvidenceEvidence
dpql_6155"Which Pixar character's first attempt to fly is comically described as ""falling with style""?"Buzz LightyearEvidenceEvidence
bb_4898'Every good boy deserves favour' is a mnemonic in?MusicEvidenceEvidence
sfq_12868What was the capital of West Germany from 1949 to 1990?BonnEvidenceEvidence
qg_3412John Lloyd Wright, son of famed architect Frank, invented what children's toy?Lincoln LogsEvidenceEvidence
odql_14474The 'Subway Army' are/were a gang of football hooligans who supported which Midlands club?WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERSEvidence
qf_2298The SS Titanic sank in which year?1912EvidenceEvidence
qf_2264The Southern Alps can be found in which country?New ZealandEvidenceEvidence
qb_5457Who wrote the play ‘Under Milk Wood’?Dylan ThomasEvidenceEvidence
wh_532Whose single I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus sold three million copies in 1952 ?JIMMY BOYDEvidenceEvidence
qb_3400Lupine relates to which animal?WolfEvidence
wh_515In 1984, in Bophal, India, there was a leak of 30 tons of methyl isocyanate, which resulted in the deaths of 25,000 people. What American chemical company owned the plant where the leak occurred?UNION CARBIDEEvidenceEvidence
odql_8845What is the profession of 'Paddy Kirk' in 'Emmerdale'?VETEvidenceEvidence
tc_1333The world was first aware of the Chernobyl disaster after detectors were triggered at a nuclear plant in which country?SwedenEvidenceEvidence
bb_6292Facebook's new music sharing/streaming feature launched in 2015 was called 'Music... ?StoriesEvidenceEvidence
sfq_11542Which French composer and pupil of Saint-Saens is best known for his requiem?GABRIEL FAUREEvidenceEvidence
qb_8996Who became BBC Radio One Breakfast Show presenter in June 1973?Noel EdmondsEvidenceEvidence